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Ferrari Roma - Ferrari of Houston

The Ferrari Roma, the new coupé from the Maranello-based company, features timeless and sublimely refined design combined with unparalleled excitement. Its signature Italian styling offers a contemporary take on the carefree, joyous lifestyle that came to characterize the Eternal City in the 1950s and 1960s.

The approach taken by the Ferrari Styling Center for the exterior of the Ferrari Roma focuses on a design with refined lines and a total symbiosis between its different elements of harmonious proportions and pure and elegant volumes. To enhance that formal minimalism, all superfluous details have been removed. The cleanliness and absolute synthesis of its elements, its harmonious proportions and pure and elegant volumes, marry perfectly with the Ferrari mid-front-engined Berlinetta tradition of which the 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso and 250 GT 2+2 are the most iconic examples, and from which the car takes its inspiration.

The understated and simple front of the vehicle appears to have been sculpted from a single block of metal, creating a protruding shark bell effect. The wide front bonnet and sinuous wheel arches blend seamlessly, in keeping with traditional Ferrari styling cues.

The new formal approach to the interior resulted in the creation of two safety zones for the driver and the passenger, an evolution of the Dual Cockpit design. The surfaces and functions present an organic distribution in the cabin, defined by elements that unfold fluidly around the conception and perception of space.

Unlike Ferrari sports cars, normally designed around the figure of the driver, the interior of the Ferrari Roma has an almost symmetrical structure. This contributes to a more organic distribution of space and functions, which makes the passenger feel extremely involved in driving.

The car provides top-class performance while maintaining the stylistic purity of its ‘bloodline’. To this end, it incorporates several cutting-edge technologies. These include the mobile rear spoiler integrated into the rear screen designed to retain the car’s formal elegance when retracted and to provide the necessary downforce by automatically deploying at high speeds.

The new Prancing Horse 2+ coupé sports a V8 turbo engine that punches out 620 hp at 7,500 rpm, making it the most powerful in its segment. A member of the V8 family that has won the International Engine of the Year four years in a row, it features Variable Boost Management for instantaneous throttle response. With the introduction of Gasoline Particulate Filters, meticulous attention went to the sound of the exhaust system which has been completely redesigned, removing the silencers and introducing new bypass valves.

The mid-front-engined 2+ Ferrari Roma has the best weight/power ratio in its segment (2.37 kg/hp) which enhances handling dynamics and responsiveness.

The removal of all superfluous detailing accentuates the car’s sleekness and formal minimalism. The full-LED adaptive headlights are traversed by a horizontal light strip that hints at the structure beneath the car’s skin, bringing a sense of tension to the entire circumference of the car. The wraparound rear screen incorporates an active aero device to preserve that signature purity of form, while the twin taillight assembly is set like a gem into the volume.

All new Ferrari automobiles purchased through an authorized Ferrari dealer benefit from an innovative new coverage package: Ferrari 7 Year Maintenance, which covers all the scheduled maintenance for the first 7 years, at no additional cost to the client.* Ferrari 7 Year Maintenance is an exclusive service designed to help ensure that Ferrari automobiles are maintained to the highest level for maximum performance. The program is to our knowledge unique—and the first time an automotive manufacturer has offered such extensive worldwide coverage—evidence of the attention and care Ferrari provides its clients.

The Ferrari 7 Year Maintenance program covers the individual vehicle, and thus extends to any eventual subsequent owner. The advantage to the owner is the assurance that the vehicle will be subject to regular annual inspection by Ferrari-trained personnel using dedicated, factory-approved diagnostic equipment.

With your new Ferrari Roma you will also receive a three-year Ferrari Commercial Warranty, which is valid internationally and offers full coverage for replacement parts and labor.

To preserve the value of your car, Ferrari has created a number of exclusive extended service coverage formulas that extend the normal cover offered by the Ferrari manufacturer’s warranty for up to 15 years.

If you would like further details on available incoming Ferrari Roma inventory or to schedule your appointment to configure your very own, please contact us at


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