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Five Things You Need For The Fanciest Funeral Ever

Okay, so while this may feel like the most morbid topic ever, it’s really not! Your life is important, but your death doesn't have to be a mopey, maudlin time. Your death and your funeral should be a celebration of the years of life that you just had, and you should make it the fanciest celebration possible.

Most of the funeral services you see in life are sombre, full of tears and sadness. These are the morbid affairs we’re all thinking about when someone mentions funerals. The thing is, these don't have to be the norm for your funeral. You can have a fancy time of things, from the full person grave markers to the party that’s jumping to great music instead of a sad, quiet wake. The good news is that there are plenty of ways that you can make this day the happiest, most fun one yet. So, here are five things that you will need to make it happen.

  1. Dispatch with the hearses. Did you ride limos in life or did you drive around in an old school Camero? You do not have to have a funeral with hearses if you don't want them. You could be grander with horse and carriages, or you can go a little less grand and have a procession of motorbikers take you to your final rest. You can make your transport as fancy as you like!

  2. Make your funeral procession as luxurious as possible. We mentioned a motorbike procession, but you can ensure that your procession is fun by getting everyone that you love to walk your car and coffin to the place of your service. You can get everyone singing and dancing along the way - heck, you could have a carnival float if you want one!

  3. Make it personal. Some funerals are all about the religious stuff and epitaphs that drone on and on. Instead, have your friends and family sing and dance. Get everyone swapping memories and anecdotes instead of listening to religious passages on life and death that don't really mean much.

  4. Choose something fun to go on your tombstone instead of something meaningful. If you found The Simpsons funny in life, choose a quote that made you laugh. These quotes will get your family understanding exactly why you chose something that doesn't follow the same “RIP” mantra.

  5. Choose an outfit that you want to be laid to rest in as part of your last Will and testament. Dress up in your finest outfit and all of the jewelry you don't want to give away as part of that Will. You should go out in style, and you want to show up for your funeral looking amazing, right?

Being fancy with your funeral includes looking the part. Whether you go out Viking-style or on a luxury yacht, you need to look at your funeral as a huge celebration and go out with a bang. Oh, and you could do that, too, with ashes in a firework!


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