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Foundry Michelangelo - Make Your Home Monumental

If your home is your castle, there should be something in it to help emphasize that sentiment. Art in sculpture can expressthe feel and design of a space like no other medium. Because statuary is three-dimensional and observing it often invokesan emotional response, any space can be carefully curated to focus the intent and passion. There is one company, aboveall others, who specializes in this discipline.

They are committed to help homeowners, art collectors, gallery directors and anyone who is looking for expression andcharacter cast in bronze or precious metals. Owning arguably the largest collection of master molds in the world forcasting monuments gives Foundry Michelangelo (FM) a unique perspective at what is possible. The answer to thequestion of possibilities, is whatever you desire. FM can turn almost any design into a monument for your development,driveway circle or wherever you want to make a statement that will last and remain beautiful longer than anyone whomade it.

With a current production load of over 32 monuments on order, it would be difficult to find a business anywhere in the USwho moves more bronze and precious metal sculpture than FM. There is an entire team available to help envision,design, approve and complete any of the FM artwork in sculpture that meets your needs. From a one-of-a-kind tributesculpture to remember a historic figure, to a limited edition, heroic-sized piece from the vast collection of FM artwork inproduction; this company can walk you through the project of creating your dream.

The process to design and build a monumental statue from thought to installation can be done in approx. 6-8 months. Itstarts with a design idea which is brought to life either as a hand-sculpted wax original, or is created digitally and 3Dprinted in a medium that will bake out of a ceramic shell like wax. The remaining steps in the process are standard with atraditional lost-wax-casting project and are exactly what FM specializes in. Once all the pieces of your dream sculptureare cast and ready to be assembled, they are hand welded, hand-ground, hand-polished and patina’d all right here in theUS by master craftsmen. The sales team at Foundry Michelangelo is ready to take your call, email or inquiry via and answer any questions you have. Art is of course subjective and FM is excited to hearabout your ideas for upgrading your home to monumental status.


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