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Fine Dining In Midtown, Manhattan That Will Not Disappoint

If you want a truly unforgettable dining experience in New York City, start by making reservations at the award-winning two Michelin starred, Gabriel Kreuther. If you have never heard of Gabriel Kreuther, it’s just a matter of time. His restaurant, just opposite Bryant Park, is certainly worth all the hype. While some well-known fine-dining establishments manage to thrive off of the name associated with their restaurant, James Beard-award winning chef Gabriel Kreuther has managed to earn his reputation by delivering some of the most creatively crafted Alsatian French-inspired dishes ever imagined.

There is a lot to be said about a restaurant that stands out in a city full of exceptional restaurants. However, I’m happy to say that there is definitely a reason why you won’t soon forget the time you have spent at Gabriel Kreuther. Your experience starts from the moment you walk through the door, where guests are immediately met by warm, inviting smiles from the host staff. This same friendly and accommodating mood remains throughout your entire dining experience.

If you are like some who frown about the idea of fine dining, as it hardly ever lives up to expectations, you are definitely in for a treat. Gabriel Kreuther delivers on everything that a fine-dining restaurant should be. Style, sophistication, service, and uniquely crafted dishes are what are expected and this is a restaurant that delivers it in a large way. The style of the restaurants main dining room is a fusion of the chef’s Old-world Alsatian roots and the elegance of New York. The contemporary design of the lounge is inspired by the old town squares of Alsace, creating perfect synergy into the main dining room. The décor is sophisticated and luxurious, just what you would expect of French elegance.

Servers are attentive to your every need, such as assisting in storing your personal belongings so that you are able to move freely while enjoying a relaxing meal. While we may not always be familiar with some of the French culinary terms, the servers do an excellent job of explaining every dish and how it is prepared so that you’re no longer left to wonder. Guests are then able to make a well-informed decision about which course they will choose to order. You may just be surprised to find that what you ordered is far more enjoyable than you imagined it would be. This is likely due to the ingredients being harmoniously and purposefully combined to create something truly unique. Every bite is worth savoring, and you are left in anticipation of what is to follow.

Some of the most noteworthy dishes offered include, applewood smoked sturgeon (fish) & sauerkraut tart topped with mousseline and caviar, and Cedar Plank Trout with scallion crema and champagne sauce. You know that what you are about to eat is something special when you learn that the trout is locally sourced from the Green-Walk Hatchery, approximately two hours outside of Manhattan, an assurance of its freshness. Chef Kreuther’s farm roots are experienced as he elevates simple foods, to create something extraordinary. He has managed to accomplish this with his signature Leeks en Croute dish. Although leeks have been long considered the poor man’s caviar, accompanied by the right ingredients, it has taken on a completely different appeal. The leeks are cooked in masa dough with pickled mustard seed vinaigrette and includes, pork belly braised in beer, cabbage puree, French lentils, burnt flour soup with maitake, wild rice, smoked cheddar, and a beggar’s purse crafted from house-made goats milk ricotta. Its presentation is as intriguing as the meal-itself, as it is prepared tableside. These are just a few of the many unique stories and dishes that make Gabriel Kreuther such an amazing dining experience in New York City. To end an already incredible dining experience, just step next door to Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate.


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