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Hampton Water - The Faster Growing Rose - One-on-One with Jesse Bongiovi

One-on-one with with Jesse Bongiovi, Co-Founder with his father Jon Bon Jovi, of Hampton Water Wine, the fastest growing rosé brand on the market, receiving 90 points from Wine Spectator the past 4 years. Jamie Agoglia (JA): We last featured you in 2018, about 3.5 years ago, what are the major highlights that have occurred for Hampton Water since? Jesse Bongiovi (JB): We have received a 90 point rating every year as well as a second spot on the top 100 list. We also have become the most followed rosé brand on the internet with 450k followers across the board. Beyond that, we have expanded distribution to all 50 states, grown our sales team, and launched national retail partnerships. It’s been a busy few years!

JA: Your amazing father recently referred to you as son, business partner, and friend. Beautiful. And the chemistry you have is obviously a very successful, powerful one. How has creating Hampton Water with not only Jon while with your father shaped you personally, and ultimately shaped the success of the brand? JB: It’s been amazing having the support of my dad from day 1. We both were totally green to the business of the wine world, but learned quickly, and we both firmly believe that Hampton Water is becoming a great success. When we initially launched we received push back from some people because they had seen so many “Celebrity” brands come and go. Once we explained this was a family business, not a celebrity vanity project, and that we had every intention of being here to stay, people gave it a try and became excited to carry it in their stores and feature it on their menus. JA: What are your key objectives in 2022-23 and what is your strategy to achieve such (as much as you can divulge :)?

JB: 2022-23 is all about exposure. Although we think we are big, we still have a ton of room to grow, so we are launching new partnerships, growing our outreach, and creating as much noise as we possibly can! JA: How has the industry positively changed due to Covid since March/April 2020?

JB: I think the biggest positive now is that people are so excited to be able to get back out and enjoy time with friends. Everyone was pent up for so long that they are now so excited to finally get back to their favorite restaurant or have friends over to celebrate and share moments together. JA: If you could go back and give yourself advice, when you and Jon first launched Hampton Water, what would it be? JB: Be patient. This business can be crazy and there’s a ton to learn, but it all takes time. Trust your gut, because although you’re new in the business, it doesn’t mean you don’t know what’s right.

JA: In correlation with that, what have been your greatest learning experiences, moments that have shaped Hampton Water, and you personally? JB: It’s hard to pinpoint one single learning experience, but I would say that every day over the last four years, we as a team have learned something new, whether it be about ourselves or the business. At the end of the day we continue to grow and remain flexible and nimble, so that we can stay ahead of the curve.

JA: Loaded question, why Hampton Water when one is making their Rose selection? JB: We have 90pt ratings for every vintage year, as well as two spots on the Top 100, so you know the wine is good! We have also focused on working with charities around the country and giving back to the community. Plus we are the fastest growing rosé brand on the market, so if you start sharing it with your friends now you can say you knew about it before everyone else did! ;)


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