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How To Wear A Watch With Style

A watch completes an outfit. It's a necessary accessory to elevate one's style. When you wear a timepiece, you look very put together, and if you have chosen an appropriate watch for your outfit, you can uplift your look without even trying too hard. Of course, elaborate watches also make for excellent investment pieces and some only increase in value. Google “Rolex dealer near me“ to begin your collection today.

A watch tells more than just the time. It also speaks of your sophistication and taste. And if you're somebody in a position of authority, a watch can exude a refinement worthy of your title. For a guy, watches are a big deal, and wearing one can translate to confidence, preparedness, and elegance.

Today, shifting from casual to formal can be done fast with the correct watch strap. If you don't coordinate your watch strap to your attire, you can become the next fashion faux pas. It's great that with Nato watch straps, you can swiftly create a new look and complement your watch with your attire. Before diving into the how-to's, you must know the different timepieces you can choose in the market today.

The Different Watches

  • Dress Watch – The most straightforward and elegant of all watches. It's typically worn on formal occasions. It has a modest but sophisticated look. It often comes in a leather strap and gold or platinum material with a suitable diameter.

  • Field Watch - An iconic timepiece initially worn by the military. It has a large dial and usually comes in a durable leather strap. It can be worn at casual and formal events.

  • Diver's Watch - It is a water-resistant timepiece made of stainless steel and can withstand seawater's corrosive effect. Today, diver's watches are also made of gold, ceramic, and titanium. It has special functions that will allow divers to measure the time they've spent underwater. The dials are also luminescent to help see the time in the dark.

  • Pilot's Watch – A timepiece preferred by pilots because of its sizeable winding crown, luminosity, and large, legible face. It's also equipped with the GMT or Greenwich Mean Time reading. It is vital because GMT is the global standard in time calculation, and a pilot up in the air needs this to calculate the accuracy of the time of their flights.

  • Sports Watch – A casual watch that you can wear on simple and dress-down occasions. It can have a rubber or nylon strap and multiple functions to suit your needs.

Depending on the occasion or event you're going to attend, you must wear the correct timepiece so it can match your outfit. But how do you wear your watch well? Let's read further.

Tips On Wearing A Watch Properly

To ensure you're wearing your watch the way it should be, take the following tips:

  • Ditch the big-faced watch, it has already gone out of style, and it's uncomfortable to wear anyway.

  • Wear your watch on your non-dominant hand to prevent damaging it and could challenge you to do tasks like writing.

  • Place your watch right below your wrist bone and not over it. Placing it right above your wrist bone will give you pain and limit your movement.

  • Make sure your strap fits right; a loose one is a no-no.

  • Never wear a smartwatch to a formal affair.

Now, to wear a watch in style, follow these suggestions:

1. Wear A Dress Watch For A Black Tie And White Tie Affair

Traditionally, wearing any watch to a formal affair is a no-no. That's because watching the time while you're supposed to engage with people at a formal event is rude. But that rule is now out of the window.

Today, a watch is a necessity. And in a formal affair, a dress watch in elegant and luxurious leather will be your best bet. You may match the shade of the leather strap to your shoes, but that's your preference and style. In the past, contrasting shades in attire are frowned upon, but now it's more applauded than matching colors. Matching colors, for many stylists, look tacky and uninspired.

2. Wear A Dress Or Diver's Watch On Business Formal Affairs

A formal business event requires you to wear a suit and tie to represent your authority best. You can pair your suit with a dress or a diver's watch for this occasion. The elegance of the leather or steel can complement the soft texture of your suit.

3. Wear Any Watch On A Business Casual Event

Business casual attire calls for trousers and a polo without a tie. You want to exude an air of confidence but don't want to steal the scene from the real authority. For this, you may pair your attire with any of the watches mentioned above.

4. Never Pair Your Dress Watch With A Sporty Attire

A sporty attire like shorts with a plain t-shirt or a basketball jersey should never be paired with a dress watch. You will look out of place and will look like you're just out to parade your dress watch. A sporty watch should perfectly match sporty attire.

5. Leather Compliments Leather

When you're confused with all the rules, it's best to remember that leather complements leather. So, if you're wearing leather shoes, use a watch with a leather strap.

6. You Can Bend The Rule With Heirloom Pieces

Heirloom pieces tell a story, and it's meant to be shown off. So, if you have an heirloom piece, wear it anytime. People will surely be interested to hear the story behind it.


Your watch should accentuate your attire well. It should not take the attention away from your overall look because if it does, it just means you're not wearing it appropriately. Following the tips mentioned and the suggestions should make it easy to decide what type of watch to wear on which occasion. And to better make your styling easy, get a variety of straps for your timepiece; that way, changing will be a breeze.


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