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Jake Manley - The Time Is Now

Toronto born actor Jake Manley is a star to be watched. Making his debut in his hometown of Toronto, Canada, Manly explores the depths of the film industry, from production to acting, with passion. With his recognizable charm and palpable talent, he is building an acting career that spans from Canada to the United States. He is making his mark on the industry with his leading role as “Jake Morton” on Nexflic’s original series The Order. A world of mystery, magic, and suspense is explored and uncovered in this sci-fi thriller.

Jamie Agoglia: Where did your acting career start?

Jake Manley: My acting career started in Toronto, Canada. That’s where I’m from. I started studying acting at different schools around Toronto, so that’s where I first broke into the industry. Working in Toronto was really great and I worked there for a few years, there were some really great productions filming there. Eventually, I started gradually moving down to Los Angeles. I would come for meetings or come for a couple of months at a time during pilot season.

What have been the your favorite projects to be a part of?

I think the Netflix series The Order is a really fun one, I’ve had such a fun time working on that. There was also a Canadian independent film called Brotherhood which I was a part of last year. It’s a period piece and a true story, and it was a fun role to take on something that was a little bit edgier.

What challenges have you faced that perpetuated changes in your perspective on life?

I’ve learned a lot through the uncertainty of this type of work. From rejection or getting close to projects you really like and not getting to be a part of it; you learn to have a thick skin. You can’t take it everything so seriously. It’s important to have a life outside of your career and not rely on having all your happiness come from the work you do. There are always hurdles to overcome, and there are always little pieces of knowledge that you carry with you afterwards.

What are your thoughts on the impact of Netflix or other entertainment streams on the industry?

I think there are so many positive things about it! The fact that there’s so much more content available also means there’s a lot more job opportunities for actors. Stories that weren’t having the chance to be told are able to be told now. There’s a wider perspective because there are more filmmakers and directors from diverse backgrounds that are able to tell their stories. It’s great for the industry as well because it makes entertainment much more accessible for everyone. Going to the movie theater is quite expensive and now with streaming platforms available, it’s much more cost efficient for everyone to enjoy new content more regularly.

Tell me about The Order.

I’m excited for everyone to immerse themselves in this creative, magical world, and have fun and enjoy the underlying mysteries of it. I hope that the mystery element of it gets people’s brains working and I hope they can relate to elements of the show and the struggle that the characters go through. I think it will make people laugh as well! I think the show is both thought provoking and entertaining and the audience will really enjoy that about it.

How do you mentally prepare yourself when playing in such dramatic and intense scenes?

Through working and researching, sitting down and understanding what “Jack” is going through, really getting into his shoes and seeing it from his perspective. The material we’re working with is very strong, it’s good writing and that makes our job a lot easier. The writers are really there for us if we have any questions or what to go over anything to take a deeper look, and that is really helpful.

Outside of acting, what are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about the film industry as a whole. I want to get more involved in the producorial side of the industry, seeking stories that interest me that I want to tell, and assembling a team to do so. Outside of that, my friends and family are at the forefront of my free time. I love spending time with my nephews and niece and just getting outside and spending as much time as possible in nature.


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