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Jamie Foxx joins WES Brands to Launch BSB Whiskey: A Game-Changing Addition to the Spirits Industry

WES Brands, a rapidly expanding spirits incubator recognized for its brand acceleration and innovation, has again teamed up with the multi-talented actor and entrepreneur Jamie Foxx for the much-anticipated launch of BSB Whiskey. This ultra-smooth flavored whiskey, two years in the making, is set to revolutionize the whiskey category with its unique blend and captivating design.

Brown Sugar Blend, affectionately known as "BSB," is the brainchild of Jamie Foxx, who not only joins as the brand owner but also takes on the role of creative director. Foxx's vision for BSB Whiskey is rooted in his personal philosophy of celebrating life and bringing people together for moments of joy and fun.

Described as bolder, stronger, and better, BSB Whiskey boasts a 70-proof liquid that skillfully combines the aromatic spice of cinnamon with the rich, comforting sweetness of brown sugar. This masterful blend is housed in striking new packaging that mirrors the innovation and allure of the whiskey itself. The sleek matte black bottle features a "BSB" chenille letter patch that glows in the dark, ensuring that BSB Whiskey not only stands out on shelves but also serves as a captivating centerpiece at any social gathering.

“Life is precious” Foxx noted. “so I’ve already tried living it to the fullest. As an avid whiskey drinker, owning a brand that is sippable and unlike any other has been a life goal of mine. With BSB, I’m finally making that happen.”

Lauren Kiyak, the Senior Vice President of Marketing at WES Brands, highlights the immense potential of BSB Whiskey in the current market landscape, citing the rising popularity of flavored whiskies in recent years. With Jamie Foxx's creative direction, BSB Whiskey represents a fusion of fashion, sports, and nostalgia, offering consumers a unique and delicious tasting experience.

WES Brands appointed Naeemah Leonard, a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in the wine and spirits industry, as the new Senior Brand Director of Whiskey. Leonard's expertise in brown spirits and celebrity partnerships positions her as a valuable addition to the team, supporting the national rollout and success of BSB Whiskey.

Produced and bottled in Columbia, TN, BSB Whiskey is available in 750ml bottles at 70% ABV, priced at $24.99. Consumers can purchase BSB Whiskey online and at select retailers across the U.S.


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