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Jet It - It's Your Time

A first-class travel experience is not the same today as it was just a decade ago. With the advent of innovative business models and recent technology, personal travel continually evolves to provide travelers with greater autonomy. From a horse-drawn carriage, to automobiles, trains, and planes - the desire to enhance life’s experiences is one of the core instincts that makes us human, and transportation is an essential element to creating the next experience.

The newest innovation in transportation is Jet It: a proven and sustainable hybrid ownership service that enables Jet It owners to fly for only $1,600 per hour. The Jet It business model has been meticulously vetted and was selected for a 2020 Harvard Business School case study. The case study focused on the company’s agility and its position to modernize private travel. For those who have experienced flying first-class, private jet charter, or have owned a fraction or even a whole aircraft, Jet It is a new and surprisingly cost-effective service ensured to delight and inspire.


The Jet It hybrid ownership model allows owners to fly by the day not the hour. The Jet It construct gives you the jet for the entire day, but you only pay for your time in the air from take-off to touchdown. As an example, a Jet It owner based in Cleveland, OH picked up his business partner in Indianapolis, IN then continued to a meeting outside of Atlanta, GA. After the meeting, they stopped in Hilton Head, SC for fresh seafood dinner, and the owner flew back to his home in Chicago, IL in one day.

The successful completion of this type of trip would be impossible via a commercial airline. The multiple stops would have resulted in an overpriced charter or would have burned through a considerable proportion of steeply priced hours on a jet card program. With Jet It, travelers maximize their time with an easily justifiable expenditure resulting in an exceptional travel lifestyle.


Jet It operates a fleet of all new HondaJet Elites and is the world’s largest HondaJet operator. While the HondaJet Elite is perfectly suited for regional travel, the Jet It experience is not limited to the North American continent and the Caribbean.

Through its sister company JetClub, Jet It owners traveling abroad can comfortably expand their travel experience with a consistent and familiar experience. As a revolution in private travel, Jet It and JetClub offer enriched travel with the launch of operations in Europe and Asia.

Through Jet It, travelers can have a full-service concierge arrange everything from simple flight missions to entire leisure itineraries. This service is at no additional expense to Jet It owners or JetClub members. Catering, lodging, dining, events, and more can all be organized with ease. Traditionally, these services come to travelers at a cost, but Jet It and JetClub recognize the optimum lifestyle and service experience extends beyond the time in the jet.

For those individuals who are pilots, an additional value-add is the Jet It Red Jet Squadron. This enables pilot-certified owners to fly their jet alongside a highly experienced Jet It Captain. This is another first and premium value extended only to Jet It owners.


The Jet It hybrid ownership program offers shares in which owners can have the aircraft from 25 to 130 days annually. An owner can fly as much as they like for only $1,600 per hour regardless of share size. Each level of ownership comes with an industry-leading monthly management structure to cover operational necessities such as pilots, hangars, insurance, and unlimited streaming WIFI.


Jet It carefully selected the HondaJet Elite for its undeniable innovations in technology, efficiency, and luxurious design. As the only jet on the market with wing-mounted engines, the advanced placement and aeronautical design reduces cabin noise so passengers can have whisper-quiet conversations. During flight, the HondaJet Elite cruises at 422 knots 43,000 feet above sea level. The cruise altitude makes for a better flight experience above weather and other air traffic. What’s more - the cabin features unbelievably spacious club-style seating. The leg room in the HondaJet Elite’s cabin is comparable to what is found in a heavy jet.

The average private flight has less than 3 passengers and is 90 minutes or less in duration; however, the HondaJet Elite can seat up to 6 passengers, and can hold up to 6 golf bags plus personal luggage. The jet is optimal for regional travel such as New York to South Florida, Chicago To Houston, or Los Angeles to Dallas, but many owners utilize Jet It for coast-to-coast, Caribbean, and North American international travel.


Jet It and JetClub were founded by two aviation experts Glenn Gonzales and Vishal Hiremath. With over 40 years of combined aviation experience, the founders’ companies are doing exactly as intended by expanding travel opportunities to a long-underserved market.

Jet It’s co-founder and CEO, Glenn Gonzales, began his career in aviation as a US Air Force Instructor and F-15C Fighter Pilot. He then worked with Gulfstream and Honda Aircraft Company, culminating an intimate knowledge of aircrafts and service programs across the market.

Gonzales says, “Our success metrics have not changed and are based on two primary focus areas: operate safely and provide outstanding customer experiences in the process. We are intentional about delivering exceptional experiences where Jet It travelers can live their best lives without the barriers of time and cost. Our goal is to help our Jet It family create more meaningful memories while having phenomenal experiences along the way, all for an unprecedented value.”


“I use Jet It quite a bit for business up and down the East Coast. I have flown my Hawker 800 to my place in the Bahamas before, and it was outrageously expensive. It cost me $25,000 round-trip. Jet It is a fraction of that. I’m also a part of Jet It’s Red Jet Squadron, and I get to fly the HondaJet so it’s much more fun!”

Joe C. – New Jersey

“The Jet It team is great, and their concierge is so accommodating. They make it easy to travel and they will handle everything from start to finish. It’s amazingly convenient and cost-effective.”

Steve S. – Florida

833-TO-JET-IT (833-865-3848)


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