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Kate Hudson - King St. Vodka

Actress and entrepreneur Kate Hudson is making her mark in the world of ultra-premium spirits with King St. Vodka. Inspired by good times with friends spent over Dirty Vodka Martinis, Kate couldn’t find a vodka that was just right for her palate, or one that was founded by a woman, so she made one herself.

“I have always found the spirits industry fascinating, and I love Dirty Vodka Martinis. The creative side of me thought it would be a fun challenge to develop a vodka for my palate, and in a beautiful package that I would love to have on my bar and share with friends. The businessperson in me is now looking forward to the challenge of building a brand in an entirely new industry,” says Hudson. “After a particularly long day, I decided to host an impromptu cocktail party with my closest friends. As I prepared to whip up a batch of dirty vodka martinis I surveyed my bar, but I wasn’t 100 percent happy with my options. Then I wondered, ‘Are any of these vodkas founded by women?’ I did some research, they weren’t. So, I decided to make my own just the way I like it!”

Crafted in Santa Barbara, King St. Vodka was founded in 2019 by Kate and her partner David Kanbar, Co-Creator of Skinnygirl. Created under the watchful eye of Master Distiller, Ian Cutler, King St. Vodka uses GMO-free corn and alkaline water, producing a final yield that is gluten free with a hint of sweet vanilla flavor. Distilled seven times and then filtered, King St. Vodka is extraordinarily pure. Made from the best ingredients, every sip is clean, smooth, and created to be enjoyed with good company. Kate takes pride in the creation process, and attributes the high standard of the final product to taking their time in ensuring quality above all.

“I find that a lot of times in business, people rush something to get ahead,” Kate says. “And they end up failing because the quality isn’t there. As David says, the quality has to speak for itself.” King St. Vodka is made with alkaline water and is 7x distilled, making this hand-crafted vodka from Santa Barbara, CA incredibly smooth. King St. is also gluten-free and is made from non-GMO corn. Inspired by memories of founder Kate Hudson’s former home on King Street in New York City, King St. Vodka is a true labor of love checked against the highest standards of quality and taste.


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