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Chef Lanny Chin

Passion, hard work, dedication and commitment have been the building blocks for Lanny Chin the newly appointed Executive Chef of Apex Social Club & Camden Cocktail Lounge, the soon to open venues at the newly renovated PALMS Casino Resort, in his twenty year culinary career. Chin’s love for the culinary arts dates back to his early childhood when he used to join his grandfather in the kitchen of the restaurant he worked at as a chef.

At age 16, Chin held his first job as a line cook in a local pizza shop in Cleveland, with his persistence to learn he was then promoted to head chef at the ripe age of 19. Even with years of firsthand experience in the industry, Chin decided to enroll in Cleveland’s International Culinary Arts and Sciences Institute and graduated with a degree in Culinary Arts. In 2012 Chin made a monumental advancement in his career when he accepted a position as Chef Tournant at the world-renowned Michelin Star Alinea restaurant in Chicago, Illinois.

At the young age of 36, Chin became the executive chef of all three PKWY Tavern locations in Nevada. Over the past two years, Chin has overseen menu development, brand awareness, technique training, and day to day operations of the additional locations in the valley. With a developed artistry of cooking with craft beer, Chin has made a name for himself in the craft and continues to evolve his expert technique through menu development and PKWY’s reoccurring craft beer dinner program.

Chin was most recently tapped as Clique Hospitality Executive Chef during the $690 million revitalization of the Palms Casino Resort with their two new ventures Apex Social Club + Camden Cocktail Lounge. Apex Social Club which is taking over the infamous Ghostbar space on the rooftop of the Palms Casino Resort, and Camden Cocktail Lounge which will be located on Casino level. Both are slated as highly anticipated additions to their portfolios, set to open at the Palms Casino Resort this Spring.

Chef Chin looks forward to showcasing his creativity while remaining parallel to the extraordinary cocktails crafted by intoxicologist Eric Hobbie at Camden. “I’ve taken classic food items and enhanced their flavors with selections ranging from Kung Pao Chicken Meatballs to Buffalo Rock Shrimp Hand Rolls to Mini Sirloin Sliders to serve as the perfect table snack,” noted Chin. His summer top recommendation - "Mini Sirloin Sliders - Smoked Cheddar + Caramelized Onions + Wild Arugula"


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