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McLaren Charlotte - Prepare. Commit. Belong.

The history of Charlotte, North Carolina dates back to colonial times. It was first incorporated during the Revolutionary War and promptly named after England’s King George III’s wife. Hence the city’s second moniker, the Queen City. In addition to being the largest city in the state, Charlotte occupies an area in the Piedmont region that has driven it to prominence in multiple avenues. This was the site of the first major gold rush in the United States prompting the formation of the original US Mint. During the Civil War it became a major railway hub due to its centralized proximity to other major southern cities. Following the war and entering the nation’s Reconstruction years, Charlotte rebuilt itself as the premier outpost for the cotton trade and foremost player in the textile industry. Now entering the third decade of the 21st century, Charlotte has again redefined itself by becoming the fastest growing banking hub in America.

With the city’s population increasing by nearly 25% in the past decade it has become the third fastest growing major city in the country. Charlotte’s boom is mainly due to its status as the nation’s second largest banking hub, trailing only New York City. With an ever expanding skyline and the ceaseless opening of private businesses, it’s no secret why this city is host to so many cultural affairs. As home to teams in the NFL, NBA, AAA MLB, and hosting two annual NASCAR Sprint Cup races, the city has become a highly desirable venue for avid sports fans and a sought after commercial market for major investors. All of these are contributing factors to Charlotte’s increasing standard of luxury. McLaren Charlotte opened its doors in December 2019 and has never looked back. They continue to push the boundaries and push the city’s economical relevance by consistently updating their product awareness.

The Full Force of McLaren. On track. On road. From Formula 1™. To P1™. Artura is the distillation of everything we’ve ever learned. We poured every drop of our expertise in super-light engineering, extreme power, electrification and race-honed agility into its DNA to deliver a uniquely intense McLaren experience.

The full force of McLaren comes together in one incredible, all-new supercar. To define a whole new era.

For for additional information, please call McLaren Charlotte directly at 704-248-0009


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