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McLaren Charlotte - The New McLaren 765LT - Born From Fearless Engineering

At McLaren Charlotte, they do not fear the unknown. They do not fear the challenge. The new McLaren 765LT has a legend to live up to: Longtail. Every car that’s carried this name has been unique. Extreme and utterly focused around the driver. All about maximum engagement. Searing performance. Sensational handling.

Being based on the incredible 720S, the latest LT has everything in its favor. A flying start. And it delivers on every level. Radically lightened and lower, the 765LT uses innovative aerodynamics to create 25% more downforce than the 720S.

And this is the most powerful LT yet, with a shattering 765PS. Just 765 will ever be produced. For the lucky few, the next chapter is beginning…

Nothing pushes the limits like a Longtail. No other car engages you so vividly when driving. The 765LT lives and breathes to intensify this feeling. To make the connection closer than ever before. Everything that creates this audacious spirit and uncompromising performance has been scrutinized. Developed. Honed. Transformed. The result is a radical sculpture in carbon fibre, shaped by the demands of aerodynamics. A track focused machine that weighs just 1,339kg. And takes you to the very heart of every moving moment. Powered by the most potent LT engine yet. Such thrilling clarity of purpose is rare.

It was shaped for the heat of competition. Designed and engineered to dominate the toughest races. The first Longtail. Based on the incredible McLaren F1. The 1997 McLaren F1 GTR Longtail blazed a trail. Taking first place in five of the GT Championship’s 11 races. At Le Mans it crossed the finish line 30 laps ahead of purpose-built track rivals. Point proved. An iconic profile had earned its place in history. A profile defined by its distinctive extended rear. That radically reduced drag and increased downforce. The Longtail. The core of a design and engineering ethos that had so much more to give.

The legend stirs again 18 years later. The 675LT brings a new blend of dynamics and driver engagement to the road. It proudly features an elongated rear. And is defined by lightness, visceral performance, sublime handling. Unfiltered engagement. The much-praised 600LT, launched in 2018, pushed even closer to the edge.

Upholding Longtail values with stunning performance figures, ruthlessly efficient ultra-light construction and total driver focus. Now the essence of Longtail is more potent than ever. The 765LT. A 765PS lightweight force of nature. Bespoke carbon fibre design. Fearless engineering. Faster. Even more focused.

The 765LT communicates with vivid clarity. In every sense. The perfect mid-engine, rear wheel drive architecture, immensely strong and stiff Monocage II chassis and rapid, tactile electro-hydraulic steering place you at the center of the action. Ready to savor the most powerful engine yet fitted to an LT. A re-engineered 765PS 4.0 litre twin turbocharged V8. Performance takes you to the outer limits. 0-100km/h (62mph) takes 2.8 seconds. 0-200km/h (124mph) takes 7.2 seconds. The power keeps coming until you reach a maximum of 330km/h (205mph).

The 765LT exudes menace. The front splitter is further forward, pushing into the airflow. The active rear wing forms the evocative Longtail profile. Track focused body details highlight key aerodynamic elements. Larger intakes – to accommodate the greater need for cooling air – create a stripped-down, muscular feel. The incredible engine bay is more exposed. Fenders more tightly wrapped. The beautiful new all-titanium quad-exit exhaust is unmistakable. And positioned to maximize the spine-tingling soundtrack. Fit for purpose, fine details are everywhere. Such as the trailing edge of the diffuser. And the dive planes concealed in the front splitter.

The quality of performance makes the 765LT stand out. It’s not just about sheer power or straight-line punch. An LT delivers savage acceleration, but with a depth of capability. Accessible, flexible power that’s always there. Ready for extreme demands. Incredible peak power and torque grab your attention. But the feel – the delivery of this power – is just as important. These are the biggest increases seen on LT models. You get a tidal wave of usable power.

The pursuit of lightness shapes a radical, minimal and driver-focused cabin. Tactile, functional and finished to perfection. Lightweight Alcantara® covers the carbon fibre racing seats, steering wheel, dashboard, doors, roof lining and rear parcel shelf.

The feeling is intense. The sensations more real. Extreme. From the moment you start the engine. The sound of that 765PS 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8 floods through the cabin. And resonates through seat and steering wheel. Stiffer engine mounts and polycarbonate rear glazing maximize the effect.

The quality of performance makes the 765LT stand out. It’s not just about sheer power or straight-line punch. An LT delivers savage acceleration, but with a depth of capability. Accessible, flexible power that’s always there. Ready for extreme demands. On track the loads and revs can be sky high. But the 765LT is also a car you can enjoy every day on any road.

Owning a McLaren is different in so many ways. And it’s about more than owning an addictive, engaging car. It opens up the chance to interact with the McLaren team and other McLaren owners. To be part of a family of like-minded enthusiasts. And to get the absolute maximum from your McLaren.


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