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Metron Garage: Unique Garage Structures for the ​Discerning Enthusiast

We live and breathe everything about the automotive life. We are also building designers, fabricators with over 30 years designing and fabricating structures around cars and people. So it made sense for us to combine these two loves into creating unique, modern, cool spaces for the automotive loves of your life to be displayed. ​We have incorporated our HD commercial powder coated steel i-5 Frame System, along with our innovative exterior modern, aluminum, steel, carbon, zinc and wood cladding to give your garage the cool aesthetic that sets your building apart. Add designer interior packages with cabinetry, decorative wall panel options, custom artwork and graphics to make this space unique for you and you alone. Our garage packages are created by driven designers whose only goal is to create the perfect space for your automotive existence!

We are Drivers

We are car guys and gals. We live them and breathe them. We also are building designers and fabricators with about 30 years in the industry. So we set about joining our two loves. The really cool HSS Tubular Steel building that we design and fabricate as well as our love for automobiles. So we thought that we would put together high end garage building packages that would allow other folks like us to display their passion. A special place for them and their cars to hang out. So we developed Metrongarage. Our mission is to create the perfect space for you and your automobiles.

What We Do

Metrongarage is a sister company of Modernwash which are all part of the family of the Illuminated Designs Organization. A group of companies that supply the automotive industry. In a nutshell we live and breathe designing, fabricating and creating interesting, unique structures that serve the automotive industry.We build hundreds of Retail structures, Carwash Buildings, Lube structures, Automotive Dealerships etc. Our company has been in the industry for 30 years and we pride ourselves in unique designs that have a really cutting edge. From large complexes to small garage and race structures, we do it all. We thank you for your interest in our creations and we hope that we can be of service to you.


  • Architectural and Industrial Design

  • Mechanical, Electrical Plumbing Engineering and Design

  • Structural Engineering and Analysis

  • Lighting Analysis

  • HSS Tubular Steel Fabrication

  • Aluminum and Cement Panel Cladding Fabrication

  • Construction Consultant Services

  • Provider of Construction Building Packages



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