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Miranda Lambert: The Queen of Country

Miranda Lambert is indisputably the queen of country. She is also queen of candor and continues to pour her heart out on her summer “Bandwagon Tour” with Little Big Town. The country star is touring The Weight of These Wings, her first music since a public divorce from Blake Shelton. The platinum double disk record emits heartbreak and vulnerability intermixed with effortless matter-of-fact humor that only Miranda could pull off. Lyrics such as,

If you use alcohol as a sedative / And bless your heart as a negative / If you ride your white horse like the wind / If what you see is what you get, well then / we should be friends / encapsulates her songwriting ability to unite lightheartedness and heartbreak.

The blond bombshell is unapologetically forthright about the pain of real life - something that resonates with everyone, explaining why she is revered by fans and all music lovers alike.

Miranda’s heart-wrenching performance of “Tin Man” at The American Country Music Awards could bring even the most stone-faced man to tears. Standing on stage with just her guitar, her ethereal voice echoed through the mic and bewitchingly impacted the significance of her words:

Hey there, Mr. Tin Man / You don't know how lucky you are / I’ve been on the road that you're on / It didn't get me very far / You ain't missing nothing / ‘Cause love is so damn hard / Take it from me, darling / You don't want a heart.

Contrasting to many singer’s careers, Lambert debuted her all-girl group in 2011, the Pistol Annies, after she was already an accomplished solo artist. Consisting of Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley, the group released two albums and five chart-topping singles. Since then, there’s been a few surprise reunion performances, and recently confirmed the band is working on brand-new music.

It doesn’t seem like Lambert operates on the same 24-hour clock as the rest of the world. Between her band, her solo career, songwriting and performing, she still manages to be passionately involved in her foundation, MuttNation. Co-founded with her mother in 2009, the foundation facilitates the adoption of shelter pets and has helped find thousands of dogs safe and happy homes. Lambert has always been an animal lover and adopted her first dog, Delilah, when she first started touring as a young artist; she now owns 8 rescue dogs.

It’s clear that Lambert has captivated the world of country and beyond, but has also proved her hand in the world of fashion. In 2013 she debuted her namesake shoe collection, Miranda, and now, she has partnered with Boot Nation, to release a lifestyle brand, Idyllwind. The collection will be available Fall 2018, full of apparel, accessories and footwear (including cowboy boots!)


Whitney Hubbell: When did your love for country music begin?

Miranda Lambert: Since I was a little girl I have loved country music. I grew up with music always playing in the house as both my parents love music and my dad is also a songwriter.

You’re currently on a huge tour, The Bandwagon Tour, with Little Big Town, whats your favorite part about being on tour? Where do you find your energy and inspiration comes from the most, especially when touring can be so demanding and strenuous?

I love the road. People on the road become family. I find inspiration from the fans, and in this case from this amazing tour lineup. I love Little Big Town and Turnpike Troubadours so watching the shows makes me really excited to be part of a tour like this.

What is your happy place (literally or figuratively) on tour where you can relax and unwind and re-energize?

I have a farm outside of Nashville where I spend a lot of my time. It's so peaceful and my animals are there so it really is my happy place.

Your Living’ Like Hippies tour was a huge success, selling out shows across the country. You have an outstanding career and are ACM’s most-awarded performer of all-time among many other awards. What is your proudest moment of your career so far?

If I had to pick one moment I would pick singing for Merle Haggard at the Kennedy Center Honors. I'm a huge fan of his and it was a very special night all around as I got to spend some time with him as well as we all had dinner after the performance.

Who is your biggest song-writing inspiration/influence?

Merle Haggard, Guy Clark, Alison Moorer to name a few as far as songwriting goes. Ashley and Angaleena are both inspirations to me. Writing with the Pistol Annies is so much fun and pushes me to be an even better songwriter.

Who is your favorite artist you're listening to right now?

My favorite record that is new is Brent Cobb’s Providence Canyon.

One of your other passions is animals, you co-founded nonprofit Muttnation with your mom, to save dogs and find them happy homes, how can your fans support your mission and what has been the response/outcome so far?

My motto is adopt don’t shop. If you are looking for a new pet, make sure to check out your local shelter because there are so many great dogs in shelters that need good homes. We also had dogs and animals at home when I was growing up and as a teenager I started volunteering at the local shelter, which I think is a great way to be of service and maybe find a new dog. The fans have been incredible, as it turns out my passion seems to be also their passion. MuttNation socials will keep everyone up to date about upcoming events and adoption drives and how to give donations. We have a new program called “MuttNation Citizenship,” where for a

$25 donation your dog can become a citizen by posting a photo of the pup on our site, and they get a Citizenship certificate.

Since 2009, the foundation has saved countless dogs and you have 8 rescue dogs, what is your happiest or proudest moment?

My proudest moment is seeing a family fall in love with their new shelter pet. I call it match making. I love seeing an animal find its forever home and family, its the best feeling in the world.

You’re also releasing a women’s clothing, shoe and accessory brand this Fall, Idyllwind. What or who is your design inspiration behind the line? What kind of style and vibe are you envisioning for the line? How did you come up with the brand’s name, Idyllwind? When and where will Idyllwind products be hitting the shelves?

We are launching September 5th. It will be available in all Boot Barn stores nationwide and online at We named the line after my horse Ellie (Idyllwind Ellund).

At 30 I started a new hobby of riding horses, and I love it. In our first meeting, I mentioned Idyllwind and when we looked up the meaning Idyll - peaceful country life, and wind - a force and influence... we all knew it was the perfect brand name. The line is inspired by being brave and trying new things and feeling good while doing it. I wanted to create a brand of products that made women feel badass while doing ordinary or extraordinary things. It has a vintage vibe with a fashion edge. We wanted to build something comfortable with great quality – clothes and boots you can wear on the road, hanging out, and a few showstoppers.


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