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Mitchell - Exclusive Billiard Designs

At Mitchell Pool Tables, a wide variety of models are made that will cater to anyone’s design preferences and needs. Their quality pool tables can transform the look of any room in your residential or commercial space.

At Mitchell Pool Tables, quality is never compromised. They’ve exquisitely engineered their tables to have nothing short of the finest playing surface so that their clients can get the same enjoyment and quality out of playing, years down the line. The Championship billiard felt material that covers the top of their ultra-modern pool tables is of the highest quality wool blend to allow for the perfect ball roll. All of the cloth covers are made from 75% Woolen and 25% Nylon, making their pool table cloth perfect for the utmost protection against any spills and stains encountered while enjoying time around your pool table.

The playing surface is made from a 1” three-piece Brazilian slate that bolts through the top rail to create the truest and sturdiest playing field. Mitchell’s true speed rubber cushions offer the quietest and most accurate ball carom for even the best billiards player.

A perfectly horizontal playing field is the most important characteristic that is required for a quality pool table. At Mitchell, art is combined with functionality and although their cantilever designs may give you the appearance of being uneven at first glance, we guarantee harmonious and balanced movements throughout its playing surface.

Customize your ultra-modern pool table model to your exact liking. Mitchell’s sleek pool table designs pair exceptionally well with any of the offered colors, and provide an extraordinarily unique style to any room.

Colors such as euro blue and aztec create an original and customized feel that are ever-so sought after. Check out their website for the latest arrivals and for inspiration on how you can make your pool table represent you and your interior design.

To top off your experience, Mitchell offers their signature White Glove Pool Table Delivery Service. This service is exclusive to our customers and is a personalized two man delivery service that will place your pool table in the billiard room, unpack, perform assembly and set up then remove and dispose of all the waste and packing materials. Call 727-539-6212 today and get a quote for the world’s most amazing pool table!


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