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Nic Roldan, The Face of American Polo-A Passion For Interior Design & Architecture

JAMIE AGOGLIA (JA): You’re working on so many great projects right now and you sound so happy and excited!

NIC ROLDAN (NR): I’m super happy, things are good, from a business aspect, my polo career, all of that is going really well. Family’s good. So I can’t complain (laughs).

JA: Speaking of family, I remember you were doing some interior design with your mom.

NR: Yes! So we just finished building about two months ago my first spec house. We built a house from the ground up inside the Palm Beach Polo & Country Club which is based here in Wellington, Florida, that’s doing really well. I have a barn for sale, I have a spec house for sale, and then I just finished another personal project with my mom on a house here in the Polo Club as well which I’m living in while it’s also for sale.

That for me is very important. My passion for interior design and architecture is something that I’ve always tried to stick with and stay true to. My mom loves it, we work on a lot together. We go hand in hand. My ideas, her ideas. She’s got a great style. My style and her style are a little bit different, but go REALLY well together, it’s been really good.

JA: That’s good to hear, and what’s great about those sectors of the economy, home and design, and luxury real estate, in my opinion, during this time and then ongoing into the future, are going to come out of this even stronger. People spending more time in their homes, the affluent especially, realizing that they’ve had a magnificent home in the Hamptons, or Palm Beach, works of art really, while haven’t done what truly can be done with them and have now been forced to realize that, which in itself is a beautiful thing as now they will turn them into all that they can be, with a Diamond Spa, or with a interior design done by Nic Roldan and his mom!

NR: I agree, I’ve always loved real estate. Anytime that I’ve ever had some extra cash, I’ve always either bought a house, built a barn, I own three houses inside the Polo Club, I just finished building this spec house, I own a barn with two other partners who happen to be my best friends, and I’m interested in moving into the long-term rental market as well. I’m looking into all aspects of real estate besides commercial. I love the design aspect and the building aspect. I love trying to really build cool new and inspiration stuff. Real Estate, you can never go wrong with it, especially if you’re buying in Palm Beach, Aspen, the Hamptons, you’re buying in these places where, well now more than ever people are going to want to get out of the cities.

JA: You’re absolutely correct, and what’s beautiful and in direct correlation with what you just mentioned and what you are doing with your mom, is it really is one of the most powerful forms of art. To build and bring a home to life, or the inside of a home with your mom, to transform it into something that it would have never been, without your vision and your skill set, that’s incredible.

NR: Exactly, and to be able to see the final result, the final coat of paint, and to see the expressions on people’s faces when they walk into a house that you built? I can’t explain it. It’s such a good feeling, and that’s the fun part about it! It’s one of my passions.


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