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Notorious Pink Rose, Infamous Gold White & Scandalous One Red

Rosé drinking culture has taken a forefront in leisurely and luxury lifestyles. Rosé is now synonymous with day drinking, Sunday fundays, brunch, beach life, cocktails and frosé. There is definitely a rosé culture spread far and wide across the globe and Notorious Pink Rosé is leading the charge in many innovative ways.

Notorious Pink is a speciality blush cuvée made from 100% Grenache, the leading grape varietal at Domaine la Colombette in the south of France’s famous Languedoc region. The innovative name, packaging and luxury appeal are the creation of Notorious Wines Inc. In conjunction with the Pugibet family who have been a family of winemakers since 1890, Notorious Wines Inc. has been able to present this off-pink rosé second to none in the imported rosé space. The winemakers have used a combination of mature and ripe fruit to balance acidity and sweetness for a perfect union. Grapes from older vines are bled, while grapes from younger vines are gently pressed. After the juice has settled, the wine is cold fermented for perfection.

Blush in color, Notorious Pink is enticing with pleasant under-ripe strawberry, mango, and citrus zest scent with a crisp and refreshing mineral character. Not as dry as most French rosé wines and can be enjoyed with seafood, vegetables, pastas, and poultry dishes, but easily stands on its own. Perfect for everyday enjoyment or in every season.

Notorious Pink is a Double Gold Winner 50 Best Rosé Wines three years running, has won five gold medals and two “Judges Favorite” in addition to many silver medals, Scored 90+ in Tasting Panel, Wine Enthusiast 86 points.

In early 2019, Notorious Wines Inc. and the Pugibet family took yet another leap into innovation in winemaking by introducing two new wine varieties in the forefront of the “sustainable” wine production process. The two new wines, Infamous Gold Cabernet Blanc and Scandalous One Cabernet Noir are hybrid wines developed from traditional European Vitis vinifera vines and crossed with other breeds for a new and innovative Vin de France offering.

The advantages of these creations include their ability to better withstand heat, drought and disease. This means few to no mildew treatments needed during growth. These grapes also tend to ripen earlier than normal, and avoid the issues of sugar levels rising out of balance with overall phenolic ripeness and increasing alcohol levels. Overall, this makes these new wines a better choice for health conscience wine drinkers seeking a reduced sulfite and reduced sugar level experience. Infamous Gold Cabernet Blanc and Scandalous One Cabernet Noir have both won the 2018 Grand Prix Innovation Awards, De La Revue, Du Vin de France.

Notorious Wines Inc. offers all three of these wonderful French wines for under $20 in multiple markets across the United States.


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