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Notorious, Scandalous, Infamous or simply Meticulous Wines?

Notorious, Scandalous, Infamous or simply Meticulous Wines? The future of innovative wine making is prevalent at Notorious Wines Inc. Their three imported wines have a special place in the “Sensible Luxury” sector of the French import wine industry. Each one of their award winning Cuvée’s presents a dynamic drinking experience presented in an elegant but chic package. The collaboration between Notorious Wines and the Pugibet family has produced another unique single varietal offering that is “Natural” in every way. Well aware of traditional sustainable viticulture, this unique collaboration brings a second disease-resistant grape varietal from the South of France to the United States of America.

Infamous Gold is a 100% estate produced Cabernet Blanc wine, a new variety specially selected by the Pugibet family. Resistant to disease, Infamous Gold allows a natural viticulture without any pesticides. From multiple crossings between traditional varietals and vines more rustic or wild, these new varieties are resistant to powdery and downy mold. Their ability to withstand environmental challenges including, drought, disease and heat means limited to no treatments during growth and production. The grapes are grown without pesticides, chemicals, herbicide treatments, in virgin soil. Fermentation is conducted without additives, outside influences or processing aids. This means Infamous Gold is a natural wine that is farmed organically from seed to bottle.

Infamous Gold Cabernet Blanc and her Scandalous One Cabernet Noir counterpart also tend to ripen earlier than normal and avoid the issues of sugar levels rising out of balance with overall phenolic ripeness and increasing alcohol levels. Overall, this makes these new wines a better choice for health conscience wine drinkers seeking a reduced sulfite and reduced sugar level experience. Infamous Gold Cabernet Blanc has won the 2018 Grand Prix Innovation Award, DeLa Revue, Du Vin de France.

Picked in the cool of the morning, the bunches are pressed gently. Juices ferment a month at low temperatures to preserve the aromas and gain depth.

The brilliant color is bright and lemony with golden touches. The pleasant nose is dominated by a fruity bouquet: citric, exotic, and spicy fruits. Infamous Gold is expressive and elegant. The palate tastes like grapefruit, sweet spices (vanella, cinnamon) and ends with salty notes. A lot of freshness, vivacity and greed on this wine, which will be appreciated on Thai and Japanese cuisine, poultry, fish, light pasta dishes, salads or as an aperitif with friends.


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