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Notorious Wines - Scandalous One - More than Organic Wine...Orgasmic Wine!

Well aware of the limits of traditional organic viticulture, Notorious Wines Inc., (Notorious Pink Rosé), along with Vincent and Francois Pugibet opted for an original way to bring disease-resistant grape varieties from the South of France to the United States of America. From multiple crossings between traditional varieties and vines more rustic or wild, these new varieties are resistant to powdery and downy mildew. Hybrids are traditional European vitis vinifera wines crossed with other breeds. Their ability to withstand environmental challenges including, drought, disease and heat means limited to no treatments during growth and production.

Scandalous One is a 100% estate produced Cabernet Noir wine, a new variety specially selected by the Pugibet family. Resistant to diseases, Scandalous One allows a natural viticulture without any pesticides. After a few years of experimentation and several years of not receiving any pesticides; sulfur, copper or typical treatments, the best grapes are assembled in this award winning cuvée.

The process of developing these new varieties is “Orgasmic” to say the least. The new vine is reproduced by cuttings or by grafting, either totally asexual. The main idea of the project is to return to sexual production through the development of a new variety. By judiciously choosing the parents, the winegrower can expect to achieve in the progeny seeds combining resistance and organoleptic qualities.

Scandalous One Cabernet Noir is one of three specialty cuvée creations offered by Notorious Wins Inc. Lovely in freshness, the color is dark, velvety: deep purple with bluish tints. In the nose there is a dominant of red fruits and black fruits with a fond accent. The red and black fruits are found in the mouth, mixed with mineral and biscuit notes. The tannins present, still young, mark the palate and typify this wine, which will soften with time. To taste on a lamb blanquette, a pork curry or soft cheeses. A sensible luxury brand with innovative packaging and a competitive price. $19.00, Grand Prix Innovation Award 2018, De La Revue, Du Vin de France.


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