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Obermeyer - The Legacy of a Lifetime

The story of Obermeyer has it all: courage, vision, and pure-and-simple love. Part of it holds the memories: the legendary tales of Klaus, his groundbreaking inventions, and his contagious love of the sport. Another part holds the future: what new trails lie ahead? How can we make better products, and how can we make our products better?

Today, we’re led by Klaus Obermeyer’s vision and insatiable appetite for problem-solving. With a team of technical clothing innovators, we create beautiful performance garments that empower skiers to bring their own unique style to the sport. From the conservative and mature to the fast, flashy, and playful, each of our creations celebrates the characters and individuals in every family.

“We must step lightly on the planet; we are here for only a very short period of time and it’s not right to destroy something which gives us such great beauty and asks for nothing in return.”

– Klaus Obermeyer

For over 70 years, our founder Klaus Obermeyer has been acting on his belief that a company should step lightly on our planet. That’s why we believe in making gear that works for you and our planet, while we strive in every possible way toward fully sustainable practices. At Obermeyer, we minimize our environmental impact through every stage of our operations, from initial design all the way to our manufacturing processes. By working with our branded partners like Unifi®, Repreve®, Schoeller®, Allied Feather + Down, Primaloft®, and Thermore®, we produce outdoor solutions that pair performance with sustainability. These exciting technologies mean Obermeyer gear protects the future of our winters, while still maintaining premier on-mountain capability. We believe that the future lies in today’s decisions, actions, and foresight. We strive to help protect the future, whether we’re lowering our corporate carbon footprint, using recycled materials, or crafting gear to last a lifetime.

The design and fit process at Obermeyer begins and ends in Aspen – the ultimate testing ground. From powerful moments on windswept ridges, to the indescribable beauty of hiking through heavy snowfall, we test our gear where it’s designed to go. This way, you can tackle adventure with confidence. You can spend less time worrying about your gear -- and more time making memories.

At Obermeyer, we know that your gear needs to move with your body. That’s why we utilize dynamic, high-performance fabrics from Toray® and Schoeller®. By harnessing state-of-the-art material science, our partner fabrics feature 4-way stretch capability that maximizes range of motion, while achieving the highest level of weather resistance. The result is gear that stands up to the toughest adventures. It has been our life-long commitment to improve our technical garments, discover more sustainable fabrics, and find new innovations. We take risks, push boundaries, and lead the way for the next generation. We’ve done it for years, and instead of patenting our many years’ of innovative firsts, we spend our time developing better ones.

Klaus’ journey inspired all that is Obermeyer today. But it is our customers’ journeys, joys, and moments of peace and beauty that carry us forward. It’s always been our aim to simply get people outside. Because when we’re living in the moment, we make truly meaningful ones. We’re immeasurably proud to wrap so many in smart, quality garments that empower them to uncover all that this Earth has to offer.

“When I see someone wearing Obermeyer, I feel I already know them.”

– Klaus Obermeyer


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