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Luxury Kitchens: Art & Artisanship, A Sublime Balance Between Tradition & Innovation

Officine Gullo luxury kitchens is a company founded in Florence, Italy, where Carmelo Gullo designs and produces bespoke kitchens and accessories. The know-how and craftsmanship has been inherited from the finest nineteenth-century Florentine cooking traditions, in partnership with local mechanical workshops and bronze artisans, shaping noble metals such as high-thickness steel, burnished copper, cast iron and brass. Officine Gullo luxury kitchens have always shone with their iconic and inimitable handcrafted, prestigious metal finishes.

During the 1900s, as the steel industry gained pace, countless artistic foundries around Florence developed expertise in crafting fine luxury metal kitchens, which became an object of desire for all of Europe’s higher social classes. This tradition was on the verge of being lost forever when Carmelo Gullo returned the custom to life by carefully saving the appearance, materials and techniques before flanking the past with modern technology used to cook and store food in professional kitchens.


Varying worlds stand side by side at Officine Gullo: beauty and substance, research and luxury, dexterity and elegance, product and process. In addition to being a brand renowned and mimicked worldwide for the uniqueness of its luxurious kitchens, Officine Gullo is exactly what the name says it is: a workshop where raw materials are cut, folded and shaped by hand to achieve timeless oeuvres.

The uniqueness of the Italian luxury kitchens company stands in the fact that now, as in the past, human hands hold the secret to alchemic transformation, from pristine matter to sublime creations. Industrial, pre-finished or semi-finished components do not feature in this process; just pure metal bars and sheets. In other words, in the luxury kitchens company workshop, every creation begins from a substance in a raw state. The hammering, burnishing, nickel plating and brass chromium plating, antique effect for steel and powder coating of the structures are conducted in the workshop after parts have been shaped according to the order.

For Officine Gullo, the production of luxury kitchens is bringing top-of-the-range restaurant amenities to your home so that you can prepare food within the comfort of your own four walls just like chefs do in their establishments. All the cooking elements are capable of professional performance, but are made by taking into consideration household ergonomics for everyday home use with the utmost convenience.

The colours of Officine Gullo luxury kitchens and ranges are not based on a standard chart; instead they are prepared in line with the customer’s specific requests.

The engraving of symbols, emblems and decorations is inspired by traditional Florentine iconography or designed according to the customer’s wishes and family history; the customization is limitless. For Officine Gullo, this means tailoring luxury kitchens. By working exclusively on complete projects, the exception has become the rule and such quality has been achieved that had rarely been seen before in the industrial sector.


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