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Oil Nut Bay - Discover Luxury in Paradise

Written By Jamie Agoglia, Editor-In-Chief

When was the last time the beauty of an island left you truly speechless? As you arrive to the secluded oasis of Oil Nut Bay, the awe-inspiring picturesque beauty is striking. Idyllic, vibrantly blue waters contrasting the soft white sand and scenic green hillsides with luxury villas tucked away within the island’s landscape. A sense of peace immediately flows over you, and you take a deep breath of relief that you are experiencing a place you’ve only ever dreamed of. A truly unparalleled slice of pristine island life. You arrive to Oil Nut Bay with a sense of wonder, and leave with every dream fulfilled.

Your perfect stay at Oil Nut Bay is fully customized to the type of vacation you seek, through the help of the dedicated activities coordinators.

For the family vacations, fill your days with adventure and exploration. Pick from a wide variety of on-site water-sports, including snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, and stand-up paddle boarding. Explore across the island on the range of hiking trails. Play volleyball in the sand and spend the day down at the islands central Beach Club, where wood-fired pizzas are the perfect afternoon snack. Nannying services are available, and kids are welcome to spend the day at The Nut House - a place where kids of all ages can play and learn, and parents can utilize the complimentary supervised daytime kids activities to take some alone time to play pickleball or relax and enjoy a cocktail by the pool. The choices are endless.

For the guest seeking relaxation, restoration and tranquility, Oil Nut Bay’s elite range of wellness and spa services to will bring your peaceful island vacation to the next level. Spa treatments are available in-room, while you listen to the gentle sound of the waves and wind as they sweep across the island.

Take care of your mind and body with specialized yoga classes, varying from vinyasa to hatha. Have a private dining experience on the beach and be catered to as you watch the sunset set over the turquoise Caribbean waters. The choice is yours, and there is no wrong way to enjoy all that Oil Nut Bay has to offer.

Maintaining the pristine nature of Oil Nut Bay is of utmost importance, with groundbreaking efforts in sustainability ever-evolving and growing with the help of their environmental experts. The sustainable nature of the island is tangible - every element of Oil Nut Bay feels perfectly integrated within the island. Residential developments and luxury villas seamlessly blend into the island’s landscape. The beauty of the island is extenuated and never compromised. Maintaining the integrity of the island’s nature ensures that throughout its mindful development, the island’s flora, fauna and community will continue to thrive for generations to come.

Oil Nut Bay is a reminder of the natural and delicate beauty that this world has to offer. Experiencing the unimaginable caliber of luxury and divine relaxation leaves you only feeling grateful that places like Oil Nut Bay exist, and that you are one of the lucky ones who’ve experienced it first hand. Every moment at Oil Nut Bay becomes a life-long memory to cherish.


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