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Rafael Nadal - Ocean Independence

An experienced boat owner, Rafael Nadal has been passionate about yachting since childhood, and seizes every opportunity to be on the sea with friends and family. The idea to build a customized catamaran has been part of the superstar athlete’s plans for a while. Seduced by both the yacht’s design and living space, he joined the Sunreef Yachts’ family of owners. Shortly after taking delivery, Nadal and his family celebrated his 34th birthday onboard the 80 Sunreef, GREAT WHITE.

Ocean Independence took the opportunity to chat to Nadal about his affinity with the ocean and his treasured yacht.

Ocean Independence (OI): Tell us about Rafael as a child.

Rafael Nadal: “Since I was a kid, I fell in love with the sea. I have a lot of great childhood memories of going out on a small boat with my family and friends. We usually went out early in the morning and came back late in the afternoon - those are very nice memories. When I was young, I was super happy with this small boat that my father owned, and I never dreamt about owning any type of boat.

Of course, later I wanted to have my own boat, but the main thing I had in mind was to continue doing what I did when I was a kid, just with a little bit more comfort. I still just want to share great moments with my friends and family and discover the ocean, discover beautiful places that we have here around the island and visit different countries.”

OI: What is it like to own an amazing Sunreef? Do you like the feeling of great open space?

“I’m from Mallorca, I find it difficult to imagine my life without the sea, so I’m very excited about my new boat, also because I’ve never owned a catamaran before.

I’ve known Sunreef Yachts for years and my impression of the company has always been great. Since I visited their catamarans for the first time during the Cannes Show years ago, I always thought catamarans have amazing advantages because of the amount of space you have on the boat and the comfort is unbelievable. When I saw the 80, I said, ‘Wow, that’s huge!’ I went inside and loved it. I also knew it was the biggest boat I could have in the small port of my village. I asked Sunreef if they produce a power version, because today I don’t have a lot of time for sailing. Sometimes I like to go and come back on the same day or next morning to keep practicing my tennis, so when I was presented with the project 80 Power, I fell in love.”

OI: Where do you like to cruise?

“Most of the time I’m around the Balearic Islands, because at this point of my life I don’t have much time to cruise long distances. I’m super excited about spending a lot of time on the boat and I’d love to visit the whole Mediterranean like Croatia, Greece, Italy, as well as the Caribbean. Our planet is an amazing, beautiful place. There are plenty of spots I’d like to visit, and I hope I have the chance to go to some undiscovered destinations in the future. Now, I’m still playing tennis and don’t have much time, but I hope I’ll have time to go on these adventures when I’m retired.”

OI: Your favorite location?

“I’ve chartered catamarans a couple of times in the Bahamas, in the Exuma Islands, and I loved it. The Exumas are one of my favorite places, so I try to go back there when I can, and I’d love to go with GREAT WHITE, my Sunreef 80. It would be amazing to visit all these remarkable places.

I’ve been able to spend so much time with friends and family this year, so having the new boat here has been a great opportunity to stay together in a positive atmosphere. We’ve put a lot of love into the project, choosing everything,” Nadal says. “I’m super happy with the boat. It’s very special for me, my family and friends. During the tennis season, I don’t have much time for boating, but I always try to find some. When I come home, I like to take the boat out, winter or summer.

When I spend, say, a week on a yacht, I always take my things and do my daily workout to protect my shoulders and knees. I try to swim a lot and I enjoy free diving very much. It’s not good for a professional sportsman to stop exercising completely, so I stay active!”

Whether you are looking to purchase the latest model of yacht or arrange an idyllic charter getaway, the team of professional brokers at Ocean Independence can assist in all your yachting plans.


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