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Rebecca Romijn - Charlie Dolly - The Story of the Floating Diamond

Living a very free spirited, bohemian upbringing in Berkeley, California, raised by artists and activists, connected to nature, I’d never seen a diamond in person until I started modeling in Paris in 1991, when my love of fine jewelry began.

I hadn’t thought much about jewelry settings until I saw loose diamonds for the first time. Then it seemed to me that the only thing that detracted from a perfect diamond was a clunky setting. I began fantasizing about diamonds without settings and wondered if it was even possible and it wasn’t – the technology wasn’t there. Fast forward to 2018, I found the manufacturers who were able to execute – a delicate gold chain with a perfect solitaire diamond hanging, no setting whatsoever. It was the floating diamond I’ve searched for. As I learned about the technology of laser piercing diamonds, I immediately started sketching my designs.

My debut Charlie Dolly floating diamond collection (named after my daughters, a couple of loose diamonds themselves) is both luxe and bohemian. I like to think of my collection as “casual” diamonds with a modern edginess that mixes beautifully with other pieces and becomes personal, dressed up or down. On a practical note, it’s comfortable and simple enough to live in, sleep in, go to the gym in, shower in, wear headphones over. The truth is, I don’t wear jewelry if I have to take it all off and put it all back on every day. It is modern tennis jewelry. It stays on.

As my pieces enter your jewelry rotation and become part of your personal expression as you mix it up, I hope you love the elegant simplicity of the floating diamond as much as I do.

Sparkle freely.


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