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Saint Laurent - No Matter How Long The Night Is - By Anthony Vaccarello

Breathing, reaching the horizon, looking at the future, no matter how long the night is.

Over the skies and the architectures of Paris, New York, and Beijing, a constant attraction redefies gravity.

The video unveils Anthony Vaccarello’s collection, the inspirations, materials, forms, bright and dark colors, naturally blending different worlds.

The Saint Laurent Men’s Spring Summer 2021 Project curated by Anthony Vaccarello, is a unique virtual and physical experience, bringing together videos, augmented reality, 3D lenticular imagery, music playlist, street posters, hidden stickers, photo walls, flags, and more; all connecting the places from around the world, digitally to physically.

A perpetual and simultaneous game of echoes creates an impossible dialogue between imagination and reality.

An unconscious desire.


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