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Samuel Maverick - Liven the Party like a Maverick

Don’t just reach for the wine for that dinner party this holiday… Bourbon is a great beverage to bring to the table as it pairs well with food, friends, and in-laws! Maverick Distilling, a distillery/restaurant/bar situated on the original homestead of Samuel Maverick—signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence, and the Maverick for whom all other mavericks are named—just steps from the Alamo, has an array of whiskeys to compliment flavors in traditional holiday dishes. All of the spirits mentioned in the below pairings can be found throughout the Lone Star State as distributed by Republic National Distribution Company, or ordered online via the distillery’s website as they ship to 41 states in the USA.

If you plan on attending a party this holiday as a guest and may be wondering which spirit to gift to a host or a whiskey lover this season, we recommend giving their newest release: Maverick Distilling’s Samuel Maverick Private Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey which retails for $75 a bottle. This premium hand-crafted straight bourbon is a grain-to-glass whiskey that Maverick Distilling has produced fully in-house. Private Reserve is distilled in small batches using select Texas-grown corn, rye, and barley and aged on-site in the vaults below the distillery in the historic Lockwood National Bank building located steps from the Alamo. Glowing rich amber in color, Samuel Maverick Private Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey boasts deep aromas of clover-scented honey, Lockhart barbecue, and roasted Hill Country pecans. It is a full-bodied bourbon with a velvety texture and front-forward warm vanilla and subdued caramel flavors from Texas sweet corn and Edwards Aquifer water which grab the palate with each sip. Maverick Malthouse Rye brings out balanced bitter-sweet chocolate flavors that melt into subtle clove and nutmeg of North Texas malted barley.

“We set out to make a statement with our new Samuel Maverick Private Reserve Bourbon that the utmost quality and craftsmanship can be achieved with grain-to-glass whiskey made in Texas,” says Dr. Kenneth Maverick, founder of Maverick Distilling. “With our head distiller, we personally selected the very best 30-gallon barrels for Samuel Maverick Private Reserve Bourbon. Its name is a nod to our family heritage, as well as the location on which it was made—distilled on the land that was once Samuel Maverick’s original homestead in the 1800s. With every element stemming from the Lone Star State, we have crafted and bottled a true taste of Texas.”

Samuel Maverick Private Reserve is a straight bourbon to be savored with a rich honey and pepper finish that lingers with a wisp of smoke from the barrels, or maybe from the spirits of the Alamo. Hand-bottled at 90-proof, it is a smooth and approachable whiskey that is easy to enjoy in cocktails, on ice, and poured neat. This is a special bottle and a great gift as just seven barrels of the four-year-old reserve bourbon were bottled for this small-batch limited release of Samuel Maverick Private Reserve. Shopper can purchase this selection via select retailers or shop online at


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