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Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Bathrooms are among the most difficult rooms to design, and this becomes even more of a challenge when the space you’re working with is at a minimum. The area has to include all the necessary elements of an average bathroom but in significantly less space. That is why the fixtures and design elements you choose are incredibly important. With the right layout, a few smart choices, and some handy decor tricks, even the smallest of bathrooms can look like an absolute dream. If you’ve decided to remodel your own small bathroom as well, here are some.

Choose wall-hung toilets

Although often overlooked, the toilet you choose can have a big impact on the overall space as well. That is why wall-hung toilets are often recommended for small bathrooms. Not only are these toilets more stylish than their traditional counterparts, but they also save plenty of space thanks to their design. Wall-hung toilets often appear smaller even though they’re not, the additional free space beneath them creates the illusion of a larger surface area, and their water tanks are generally built into the wall as well, all aspects that could allow a small bathroom to feel less cluttered and more appealing. Consider opting for a Sanicompact toilet, a compact and sleek option that saves space and offers efficient waste disposal with its built-in macerator system.

Call a good plumber

Whether you’re installing new fixtures or you’re simply remodeling an old bathroom with rusty pipes and leaky faucets, making sure everything functions optimally is the key to an efficient and attractive small bathroom. From hot water issues, detecting leaks and unclogging blocks to installing new fixtures, a qualified hot water plumber can offer a number of helpful solutions. It’s advised to contact such a skilled professional when redoing your small bathroom as well, to ensure your renovations are smooth and successful.

Select floating vanities

All across Europe, on the other hand, floating vanities are increasing in popularity, and could present an ideal solution for a small bathroom. When you mount your vanity to the wall and leave the floor space under it completely clear of accessories and clutter, your bathroom could appear larger and airier. Just make sure to choose a vanity that has enough storage space for all your bathroom accessories such as toiletries and towels. Most basins will sit nicely on top of floating vanities, but you might have an issue with the taps in a small bathroom. If space is the problem, consider positioning the tap on the side of your sink or even mounting it to the wall.

Be smart with the tiles

What the eye perceives and the available space you have aren’t exactly the same thing. If you’ve decided on a recessed or shower bath, you can play around with perception by tiling the bath and the wall above it with the same tiles. This will make it more difficult to distinguish where one ends and the other begins, making your bathroom appear bigger. Marble tiles are especially effective for this trick, due to their multicolored nature. If you’ve opted out of a bath, however, using the same tiles on the walls and the floor could be another clever visual trick for making small bathrooms feel more spacious.

Another clever idea is using innovative bathroom outlets for charging devices. Docking drawers, a trending solution in bathroom design, integrate built-in electrical outlets and USB ports. Installed between your floating vanity and wall-hung toilet, they provide a modern touch while maintaining a clean look by keeping devices hidden. This practical addition maximizes your limited space without compromising on functionality. It's an attractive option when looking to remodel your small bathroom.

Play around with paint

When it comes to smaller layouts, the general advice is to choose light and neutral colors such as white, beige, and gray. Lighter hues can open up a room, bounce off light, and make the entire space feel brighter, which could be of great help when attempting to make a bathroom look larger than it is. However, that doesn’t mean you should avoid colors entirely. You could still use darker paints for statement walls or bold colors for accents and accessories, as long as you balance them out with neutrals and incorporate mirrors for reflecting light and making your bathroom appear more vibrant and lively.

Efficiently designing a small bathroom can often be a challenge. But by using the helpful tips mentioned above, you can easily combine function with beautiful design when remodeling your own compact bathroom.


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