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The Art of Ali Felschow

Artistic processes are unique to each artist. Some focus on having a specific meaning to their artwork or to share a particular message. Others use their artwork as a way to open the minds and thoughts of those viewing it – allowing imagination to take over the piece of art.

Ali Felschow, the owner of Ali Enterprises, Inc. uses her imagination every day in her art and design work. After receiving her degree in art and marketing from the Art Institute of Atlanta, Ali has been creating incredible designs that capture her creativity and artistic process for over 20 years. She is passionate about the art she creates and uses her artistic abilities to inspire others.

Using both her talent and her education, Ali puts deep thought into her process and her artwork. She focuses on abstract designs, while playing with colors and manipulating the canvas in such a way that each piece of art has a different meaning for every person. Ali’s art is designed to show people feelings and emotions they may have not known they even had, which creates an individual experience for each person.

In her artwork, Ali plays with colors to evoke these emotions that a person may not have felt previously. Her choices in color for each painting allows people to connect with their inner self and interpret it using their own life experiences. Ali’s talent allows people to look at art in a unique and personalized viewpoint, in such a way that the art speaks to them directly.

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