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The Opulent "Empire" Penthouse - The Ultimate Guide Through New York’s Luxury Interiors

The “Empire” Penthouse is located in one of New York City’s most affluent areas. BRABBU collaborated with Home’Society to decorate this space and together they created this highly luxurious and modern-looking project.

According to its Midtown location, “Empire” Penthouse has a very unique design style and has one of the best views of the city. The entire area is bright and in various neutral shades, giving it a sophisticated and simple appearance.

Empire Penthouse has two rooms, a bedroom, an office, one full-service bathroom, and one service bathroom. BRABBU and Home’Society designers created this lovely concept which combines the elegance of a businesswoman’s personality with the splendor of New York City and its great, historic avenues. It exemplifies opulence through refined design components that reflect the owner’s vision and taste. In this way, it is a bright, classic, and modern environment designed to be enjoyable and comfortable at all times.

A beautiful entrance greets visitors as they enter the Penthouse. This room, inspired by 5th Avenue, wonderfully reflects the owner’s lavish taste and luxurious vibe that the street is known for. The entryway is crucial in setting the design tone for the entire project, and it quickly conveys how sophisticated and exquisite the space is by using tones such as gold, black, and white, which are typically associated with luxury.

Mirrors are an important part of home decor since they bring a lot of character to the room. The KAAMOS Mirror by BRABBU stands out and is an excellent addition to such a contemporary and high-end design.

Living rooms are ideal for socialising, and the following space exemplifies this. New York is recognised for being a vibrant city, and its bright surroundings perfectly reflect this. All of the BRABBU products are designed to work together in harmony to provide comfort and functionality.

The living area of this incredible apartment contains two SHINTO Centre Tables in square and rectangular shapes, as well as three NAICCA Suspension Lights that add just the right amount of light and refinement

Following the rest of the rooms, the Dining Room also presents pastel and white tones. The RUKAY Dining Chairs and SHINTO Rectangular Dining Table are ideal for transmitting comfort, and when combined with the NAICCA II Suspension Light, they create a very calm and balanced environment, ideal for spending time with family and friends. Indeed, forming and establishing ties with people is crucial to the penthouse’s owner, and thus the dining room represents the heart of the residence.

When looking at this amazing kitchen, three words spring to mind: comfort, functionality, and elegance. The NAICCA Pendant Lights and BOURBON Counter Stools by BRABBU provide a highly dynamic and original aspect to the space, transforming it into a very familiar location.

Presenting a very modern neutral palette, the bedroom also matches the colour scheme of the rest of the property. Its floor-to-ceiling windows allow the owner to fully appreciate the city view while also granting natural light inside the space. Furthermore, the bedroom has traditional colours and modern characteristics such as COMO Armchairs and WALES Bench, which create interior harmony alongside the AMIK Table Lights, reflecting the owner’s classy personality.

Regarding the office area, this particular room holds inspiration for the famous “Book Row" that exists on Fourth Avenue. With this in mind, the home office represents a very quiet and harmonious area. As a result, the owner can concentrate fully and work in the best conditions.


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