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VONN - Illuminate Your Life

Lighting is a fundamental element in creating an approachable atmosphere. Beyond the beauty that LED lighting brings to a room, it can bring value to a room by adding functionality and creating a comfortable feeling. LED lighting has the ability to mimic natural light through a warm glow, helping you focus on the details of a task while providing illumination to the entire space.

At VONN, we offer exceptional LED lighting creations that exhibit a fusion between innovative solutions and aesthetic vision. VONN is proud to be the market leader in luxury LED lighting that offers a wide range of residential and commercial LED lighting products. Our commitment to research and development in technology and design, along with our pursuit for precision defines our brand— we see the prestige behind the precision and we’ve aligned our brand to produce as close to perfection as lighting can get.

One of the lighting trends for 2022 are bold and statement fixtures to enhance your interior design project. With brass accents, eccentric forms, and glass features that bring glow and timeless elegance to the space. VONN fits perfectly into this vision with our Artisan Collection, with an emphasis on design and function, these handcrafted masterpieces create a distinctive and futuristic effect while preserving the elegance and style of the past.

When it comes to lighting, there are a variety of functional light fixtures to choose from. At VONN, we focus on revolutionary lighting. Our goal is to provide a wide range of LED lighting fixtures that will solve the needs of your space, from creatively designed LED Decorative fixtures to space-efficient LED Downlights.


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