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WeatherTech - An Eye for Design

There’s nothing quite like stepping into the driver’s side of a beautiful car — getting comfortable at the wheel and taking in the scent of rich leather and the detailed craftsmanship. It feels as luxurious as it looks with its tonal stitching and delicately book-matched grains of wood veneers. The engine hums. The possibilities are endless.

But the moment is shattered when you glance down at your feet and notice all the dirt and wear the floors are starting to show. Or worse, you see a cheap floor mat that doesn’t match the interior — analogous to a bumper sticker on a Bentley. This gap in experience is one WeatherTech has sought to fill. Our passion for protection led us to engineer the iconic FloorLiner that’s laser measured for a custom fit in your vehicle’s interior. A durable floor mat fit to defend and complement a luxe environment. Today, WeatherTech FloorLiner is the most recognized name in the category, synonymous with legendary protection and precision fit that is second to none.

How Do We Do It?

WeatherTech’s mission has stood unwavering since our inception: to design durable, beautiful and well-engineered products that are coveted by auto enthusiasts for their craftsmanship. The design process for FloorLiner, like all our automotive accessories, is meticulous. We begin with research. Research. Research. Research.

When is the vehicle’s confirmed launch date? Does the vehicle come with five or more seats? What is the configuration of the console? Is it manual or automatic?

For all these questions, and more, our dedicated team of experts seek to find an answer. We learn about the vehicle, inside and out, to create and ensure the perfect fit that our FloorLiner is renowned for — designed, engineered and manufactured right here in America.

A Dynamic Design

The devil is in the detail. No nook or cranny should go unprotected. That’s why the real magic of FloorLiner is in its advanced, laser-measured fit. This allows it to rest perfectly in the vehicle’s footwell and offer Absolute Interior Protection™.

Or WeatherTech proudly uses a patented material for our FloorLiner that provides a patented material that provides a rigid core for strength, surface friction to the factory carpet, and a soft tactile surface. It will not crack, curl or harden — even during the hottest summers or the depths of winter.

It’s designed with channeling that contains water and spills, while also carrying those liquids away from your shoes and clothes while you drive. Unlike carpet, it can be effortlessly removed, emptied and cleaned. We really thought of everything.

These details have been diligently engineered to work together to protect your interior throughout the lifespan of your vehicle ownership. In short, it’s durable and it’s dependable too.

Enjoy the Drive

The next time you step into the driver’s side of your beautiful car, you can be sure that memorable feeling won’t be so rudely interrupted. Protecting your vehicle with high-quality, American craftsmanship is our number one priority. You never know what life is going to throw your way. Get ready for anything and relish in your ride with WeatherTech.


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