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Yamashiro - Hollywood Hills

Written by Dawn Wilson

Yamashiro restaurant is a large part of the Hollywood scene in L.A. It is a beautiful, Japanese-inspired restaurant that sits high above Hollywood Boulevard with some of the most jaw-dropping views of Los Angeles that you’ll see anywhere. The main restaurant is housed in a Japanese-inspired palace constructed in the early 1900s, which means the restaurant is over 100 years old! This is unheard of today, considering many of today’s restaurants can’t manage to remain open for even one year. Customers take a step back in time and feel like they are in another part of the world with all the native artifacts and original artwork throughout the restaurant. Just in the center is a beautiful Japanese Garden with a koi pond and room for dining around it. There is also a lovely garden outside the restaurant with a 600-year-old pagoda in front of the outdoor dining area. Customers often walk around the outdoor garden area before they are seated and after they have dined. Yamashiro has been featured in film and television and is considered one of the best places for pictures. It is also one of the most popular places for weddings and special events. Hollywood celebrities have been coming since its early years and are still among the tourists and locals dining here today.

You might think the only thing this restaurant has to offer is beautiful scenery and a stored history. However, you would be sadly mistaken. The food is also very delicious, which is why some regular customers frequent the restaurant and can’t wait to bring friends and family. Surprisingly, the menu items vary to appeal to everyone. There are traditional Japanese menu items, such as sushi, rice, and noodles. However, these dishes have a slight twist, such as Truffle noodles, Japanese Lobster Risotto with Emmental cheese and truffle, and Steak Garlic noodles. The new 2022 Winter menu items that might interest you include Pork Bao Buns, Bone Marrow, Soy Ginger Pork Rib, Braised Beef Osso Bucco, and Charred Octopus. One of the newest additions to the restaurant menu is the Robata dishes, served hot and succulent, full of flavor.

Yamashiro is much more than just a pretty place to dine; it is an attraction that deserves to be on every visitor’s list of things to do in Los Angeles for the scenery and food. Its warm and welcoming ambiance is why customers find it difficult to leave. However, it is also what keeps them coming back.

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