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Airshare - The Perfect Fit for However You Fly

You may travel regularly for business or leisure, but there’s one thing that makes every trip smoother and more enjoyable: flying private. Frequent travelers like NFL Quarterback Patrick Mahomes know that private travel offers enhanced safety, greater simplicity and more reliability, allowing you to step outside the status quo. Leaving behind crowded airports and long lines allows you to take full control of your time – your most valuable asset.

As with most things, it’s important to consider all your options. This is essential when many private aviation companies operate with limited options, forcing you to adjust your expectations. You deserve more than a one-size-fits-all approach to air travel. If you’re looking for a truly bespoke private flight experience, you can trust Airshare to deliver an excellent experience every time.

A broad range of customizable options, exceptional customer service and a depth of expertise that’s second to none puts Airshare in a class of its own. Booking is easy, and there are never hidden fees. Preparing for your journey is refreshingly straightforward. Explore the offerings below and start planning your next adventure.

A Fleet Curated for You

If you’re in the market for a new aircraft, our dedicated team will carefully guide you through the process as part of Airshare’s Aircraft Management program. From navigating price to procedural details, you’ll have expert guidance every step of the way.

In addition to purchasing assistance, we have an impressive fleet of aircraft available for charter with access to thousands of aircraft worldwide. Depending on your travel plans, you can choose anything from a turbo prop or light jet to a large cabin or long range jet. You can make your selection based on your number of passengers and Airshare will handle the rest to make sure your experience is comfortable, convenient and customized to your preferences.

Scalable Ownership Through Fractional Shares

Shareowner Patrick Mahomes loves the flexibility that comes with Fractional Ownership and credits Airshare with making every hour matter as he prepares for big games, fields business opportunities and spends time with his close knit family. If your travel schedule is manageable enough that you don’t need to purchase your own plane at this time, Fractional Ownership is a great place to start. Shares are available in increments of 1/16th and owners receive 20 days of usage per share.

Many other fractional programs also offer 1/16th shares, but they limit you to 50 hours. Many fractional owners at Airshare fly as many as 90 hours on the same 1/16th share. This is due to Airshare providing 20 days of travel per year with as many hours per day as you prefer (up to 14-hours of crew duty). On travel days, your plane and crew stay with you as long as you need them, so schedule or destination changes are no problem.

Travel On Your Terms with the


For those taking 10 trips a year, there’s an excellent option with Airshare’s EMBARK Jet Card. This jet card gives you the same benefits as Fractional Ownership with a reduced number of travel days. That means you’ll still have designated time with your aircraft and crew, as well as the flexibility to change course when it comes to schedules and destinations. Unlike similar jet cards, Airshare doesn’t require you to pay upfront program fees. You can fly on your terms and pay as you go.

Expanded Possibilities Through Airshare Charter Services

Maybe you prefer to travel less frequently, need access to a large aircraft or have only a few time-sensitive trips per year. This is when Airshare’s Charter Services are ideal. Whether it’s a big event, important meeting or another special engagement, this option lets you bypass the frustrations of commercial travel. With Airshare’s diverse fleet, you’ll also be in the perfect aircraft for your trip and have access to ten times as many airports as commercial airlines – allowing you to visit any destination with ease.

Private Travel for Every Occasion

Maximize your time and get the experience you deserve with Airshare’s customizable programs. From purchasing guidance and maintenance management, to scalable ownership options and beyond, Airshare is dedicated to excellence in private travel. The unique days-based model is more flexible and cost efficient than the competition, and if you own your own aircraft, you can still charter whenever you need additional lift. There’s no limit to what you can do. It’s all possible.

Allow Airshare to fit the way you fly.


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