AKILLIS - Capture Light & Bang Bang Collections

For more than ten years, AKILLIS has defied the codes of Place Vendôme. It creates the striking attributes of a sharp jewelry seduction - singular assets of new generations eager for a decidedly new proposal.

AKILLIS is like its founder, Caroline Gaspard - passionate, rebellious and intrepid; risk is its driving force, adrenaline its reward, impertinence its reverence!

And AKILLIS is like Achilles, the legendary Greek hero to whom she owes her name: conqueror, fiery and warrior. It braves, defends and conquers other territories. AKILLIS is not more feminine than masculine: why choose? She’s both! Here, no naturalism: his calibrated and sexy creation draws other cartridges, ventures into forbidden areas, has fun laying the traps of an irrepressible attraction. Its graphic and clean lines, tapered or enveloping, curved or profiled, fuel or capture. They give contemporary rebels a sophisticated rock look. His sources of inspiration? Epics and multiples! AKILLIS borrows from figures and free and victorious temperaments, is inspired by their meritorious strength. Thus endowed, each AKILLIS piece protects and strengthens those who choose it.

Capture Light

Rock n’ Roll, captivating and irresistible, Capture Light takes hold with its sharp triangles from the refined Capture Me collection.

The Capture Me collection enriches and renews its desirable charm with its Light version where the trap of seduction opens up to new jewelry proposals. Bracelets, rings and earrings explore the brand’s now iconic triangular motif in a winning game.

Singular and sharp aesthetics, the creations composed of asymmetrical and graphic cuts assert themselves through juxtaposition of tones and lights.

Available in white gold, wherever paved or not, rose gold and yellow gold, the pieces overlap, accumulate, and culminate in a rocking lineup!

Wedding rings and engagement rings intertwine perfectly, marking one of the rock & chic unions of AKILLIS.

Bangle bracelets bare their teeth before fusing. Earrings, hoops and earcuffs alike though distinct from one another, play an unprecedented game of sensual mix and match.

Forms respond, oppose and complement each other. Each model reveals the skin, flattering the contrasting effect of the diamond and the charm of the carnal nude. Never where you expect it to be, the Capture Light collection gives everyone the opportunity to express their uniqueness.

Bang Bang

Flexible Jewelry

With Bang Bang, AKILLIS presents a jewelry explosion. This collection, charged with forbidden munitions, blasts off with a rock’n’roll charm and a shocking, irreverent, and audacious chic.

Bracelets grace the wrist and choker highlights the neck of the wearer with a weapon as alluring as it is dissuasive. The 9mm bullet - a calling-card for adrenaline addicts - is available in a range of options.

Originally a stylish and casual titanium pattern mounted on a cord, Bang Bang bracelets are now available in flexible bracelets and chokers made of pink gold, or white gold, and are optionally set with black or white diamonds.

This unisex collection is for modern-day adventurers who want to super-charge the romantic playbook with new thrills.


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