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Are Luxury Electric Motorcycles The Future?

Motorcycles denote freedom and promote a sense of excitement. Nonetheless, many are collectors pieces and can fetch a pretty penny at auction. There are many ways in which the luxury market is changing, the switch to electric has become a hot topic within the automotive industry and there are most certainly plenty of reasons to celebrate. Naturally, as with any vehicle, safety is paramount. Protecting yourself against theft and motorcycle accidents is a vital first step. The second, of course is the quest to find a company that delivers on all aspects of luxury motorcycling in 2021.

Electric scooter by Gogoro

Goguro scooters from Taiwan offer a unique charging platform - with removable batteries and charging hives located in accessible public places 24 hours a day. Shortly before the battery runs out, the goguro rider can use the charging hives - where you can put your scooter battery and take another fully charged one. The announcement of the arrival of the electric Goguro scooters was already at the concluding press conference of the Metro-Motor importer in 2019, but apparently the move was delayed following the global Corona crisis. Goguro has several models, with travel ranges between 85 and 170 km.

Super Soko Models

The newest models to check out are the CPX, which is equipped with a pair of removable batteries, together they provide a riding range of 140 km, each of which is charged in about 3.5 hours. The CPX reaches a maximum speed of 90 km/h. The second model is the VS-1 which features two batteries that bring it to a maximum driving range of 160 km (in L1e specifications), a top speed of 80 km/h and more.

NIU electric scooters

The electric scooter brand UME expands in 2021 with another model, named MQiGT. The new model offers a range of 70-80 km, a riding speed of 70 km /h, 14 "wheels, an electronic braking system and more. It boasts a chic exterior also, which adds an added dynamic to this model.


The T7 is equipped with an 8.6 kWh battery, which produces (according to the importer) a long-distance riding range of 100 km. In urban riding at low speeds, the driving range can increase and reach even over 200 km. The charging time is about 4 hours. The T7 has two 13 "wheels, front and rear disc brakes, an integrated braking system (without ABS) and even a reverse mode. The seat height is 760 mm and the weight is 157 kg. A fun toy, to say the least!

The transition of car drivers to electric two-wheeled vehicles is quite something that more brands are encouraging. The high end luxury car manufacturers, such as Jaguar and Bentley have created impeccable models, suited to all drivers. The switch to electric bikes may be a great investment for those who enjoy collecting motorcycles, and undoubtedly more models will join the ranks in time.


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