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Atlas Ocean Voyages - Antarctic Expeditions in Style

Step aboard the newest of Atlas Ocean Voyages’ ships, World Traveller, as she sails her inaugural season in Antarctica. Her interior décor is inspired by the timeless Italian design of La Dolce Vita, a high-end design exuding casual elegance. With fewer than 200 guests on board, every moment of the journey feels exclusively tailored to you for attentive, personal service. Purpose-built for an intimate, yacht-style expedition, she brings you to epic explorations in the Seventh Continent.

Discover Antarctica All Around

Built and designed as a polar-class ship, World Traveller is made to safely cross the Antarctic Circle. Achieving this feat makes you a member of the Order of the Red Nose, an accomplishment few explorers can claim.

Navigate hard-to-reach landings of the Antarctic Peninsula and search for colonies of Gentoo penguins. Sail around the South Shetland Islands searching for elephant seals. Traverse the Falklands and look for the sea lions and Magellanic penguins that call them home. Amid the South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands, find rugged landscapes of tussock grass and rocky cliffs where many a seabird makes its nest. As your journey takes you through the famous Lemaire Channel, listen for the crack of calving ice from monumental icebergs. Every Antarctica expedition with Atlas brings you to unique, immersive experiences.

Explore Your World from Ship to Shore

Every adventure starts in the mud room – including the polar plunge where, after diving into the icy ocean, you’re greeted with a choice of refreshments like hot chocolate or a smooth Scotch to warm you up.

Grab your gear and launch into the water. Glide between ice floes on a paddling, sea kayaking or standup paddling excursion. Or step onto a custom-made Zodiac for an exciting safari around the glaciers. Make your way to the peninsula and spend a night camping under the stars, experiencing Antarctica’s raw beauty. Return to the mud room to come back on board and swap stories with like-spirited explorers. Experience approachable luxury after a day of exhilarating adventures.

Relive the Day’s Adventures

While the adrenaline still courses through your veins, come as you are for the nightly Après Sea events, which may even start with Mud Slingers in the mud room. Raise a glass to your triumphs with a craft beer or premium cocktail poured over glacial ice. Engage with fellow travelers and staff during bar talks and daily recaps.

Guest Enrichment and Engagement

Every journey includes a curated immersion that speaks to the cultural seeker within. Throughout your expedition, your curiosity is piqued by interactive multimedia presentations from guest lecturers, keynote speakers and the world-class expedition team.

Become inspired by the continent’s rich history and environment, gaining expert knowledge from historians, ornithologists, marine biologists, geologists, glaciologists and other specialists. Obtain deeper understanding with hands-on workshops, such as capturing the perfect photo of Antarctica’s icebergs with tips and tricks from an expert photographer. The onboard guest enrichment experience helps you get closer and connect more deeply with your destination.

Experience Antarctica Up Close

Discover the wonder of Antarctica’s wildlife closer than ever sitting just 30 feet above the water line from Water’s Edge. Complete with heated seating for absolute comfort, it’s the best way to watch for a whale fluke or look out for hourglass dolphins swimming alongside the ship.

Navigating virtually silent so as not to disturb the delicate ecosystem and marine life with a hydro-jet propulsion system, an expedition aboard World Traveller brings you to genuine moments of magic. These intimate experiences are what yacht-style cruising is all about, finding that perfect balance of invigorating adventures and relaxed elegance on shore, on board and in between.

Indulging On Board

With all-inclusive amenities, including a complimentary parka for every Antarctica expedition to use during landings and to take home, you’re completely taken care of every step of the way. And optional amenities like a signature treatment from SeaSpa by L’OCCITANE, the brand’s first-ever luxury spa at sea on board Atlas Ocean Voyages’ small ships, make it even easier to pamper yourself after a full day of exploration.


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