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Bell 505 - Training the Best with the Best Platform

Breaking down barriers to entry since its introduction, the Bell 505 combines the latest avionics and engine control with world-renowned Bell Jet Ranger performance, built over decades of success. Bell’s latest aircraft continues to captivate customers across the globe by offering accessibility to flight experiences for those curious about the world of vertical lift. Carefully designed by a collaborative team of pilots, maintainers and operators from around the world, the aircraft offers powerful performance, advanced avionics, a configurable cabin with stadium seating and exceptional visibility. Whether taking the controls or watching from the passenger seat, more than 300 operators and private owners now have the means to explore the world at a moment’s notice.

Beyond offering convenient ways to travel, the Bell 505 provides an elevated learning experience for many new flight school students to begin their pilot journey. The Garmin G1000H NXi allows trainers and trainees to fly with the best-in-class technology and enhance their knowledge with modern sensory and awareness tools.

Heralded by a global range of flight schools and operators, the aircraft has already garnered success for its support to students during pilot training. Longtime customer, Mark Taylor, the Founder, Co-Owner, and Chief Pilot for Rocky Mountain Rotors remarked on the ease at which students adapt to the new platform. “I see students learning quicker, under less stress,” said Taylor. “Right now, the 505 is the best trainer on the market.” He’s one of many satisfied global customers impressed by its capabilities.

Based in the Swiss Alps, Christoph Graf, the Pilot, Flight Instructor, and CEO of tourism and training company Mountainflyers, agrees that pilots with all levels of experience can benefit from the 505. “All our flight instructors, from 800 hours up to 9000 hours of experience, agree that 505 is a great training helicopter. It’s perfect for sightseeing and gives us the performance like some of the larger single engine helicopters we have experience with, but at a much better cost.”

Graf also shared his thoughts on the cockpit’s various enhancing features. “The dual channel FADEC reduces the risk and stress with the engine start. With the glass cockpit, while training private pilots with very little experience, I feel the workload will be much easier for all pilots versus an analog system.

At Southern Utah University, instructors share how even students in the passenger seat understand lessons clearly with the 505’s visibility. “Our intent is to put students in the back as well to watch and learn,” said Richard Cannon, director of Flight Operations and Safety for Southern Utah University. “They can sit back and focus on just following along with the lesson. In the 505, they have the capability to see everything.

But the students aren’t the only ones who are enjoying the thrilling learning experience. Cannon said the instructors seamlessly adapted to the platform’s capabilities as well. “All of our instructors picked up the Bell 505 very quickly. It usually takes a few hours to be comfortable flying a new aircraft. With the 505, within 30 minutes, most pilots were comfortable flying the aircraft.”

For those looking to take flying lessons but are unsure where to begin, Bell partners with Universal Helicopters Inc., a Certified Training Facility, to offer ab-initio courses that will support students with little to no flight experience. New pilots can receive training in the new Bell 505 at various UHI locations, including their Scottsdale and Prescott Arizona facilities – or even meet students where they are. In addition to partnering with this premier institution, Bell offers a broad range of training at its own Bell Training Academy. With Bell’s dedication to educate and empower pilots – experienced and inexperienced – Bell is thrilled to provide hands-on instruction to individuals who might be in the initial stages of helicopter ownership or are even just curious about getting a pilot’s license.

Leveraging familiarity of the Bell 206, the Bell 505 has incorporated features from an iconic platform and modernized them for both a new generation of pilots and new collection of customers. Operators and private owners worldwide are exploring the benefits of vertical flight and breaking into the industry all due to this premium aircraft. Hear from those who have flown in the world’s most advanced short light single and learn how you can experience the Bell 505.


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