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Blackbridge Motors - Mark IV

Prepare for a game-changing development in the world of automotive restoration. Blackbridge Motors, a respected name in the Resto-Mod industry and the Land Rover Defender community, has recently introduced the Blackbridge Mark IV, also known as "The Beach Cruiser."


In the realm of Defender-style restomod companies, there's no shortage of contenders, each vying to be the ultimate expert. Yet, few can match the extensive track record of Blackbridge Motors when it comes to getting their vehicles on the road. This achievement is particularly significant because, over the years, the founder of Blackbridge has developed an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of working with older cars and their components. While he has a genuine appreciation for the art of revitalizing vintage vehicles, as evident in the dozens of restomods still produced annually, Scott recognized the inherent limitations, especially in reaching a broader audience.


This insight prompted Scott to embark on a groundbreaking endeavor – creating his own car from the ground up. This innovative approach effectively eliminates the typical barriers that discourage many from pursuing restomods, such as extended lead times, sourcing donor cars, high costs, and the need for customers to possess basic mechanical skills. The outcome is a revolutionary leap in the industry, and I believe your audience will find this story captivating.


This creation seamlessly melds classic design with modern performance. What truly sets the Mark IV apart is its astonishingly short lead time of approximately four months and a competitive base price of $169,750. This represents a groundbreaking innovation poised to redefine the industry.


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