Bomber: World Class Skis

Bomber’s mission is to design and produce the best skis in the world and to enable all skiers to experience the quality of skis normally reserved for only the top World Cup athletes. Pairing the newest technology and production methods with the finest materials available, Bomber delivers a ski of substance, unparalleled performance, and the most curated beauty.

Bomber owns its factory in Italy and does not produce for any other brand, a rarity in the industry, enabling Bomber to completely control the quality of its products. This allows the unique ability to craft limited production runs of skis with custom graphics.

The factory sits in a small town in Italy located outside of Milan. A team of passionate master-craftsmen work relentlessly in creating artisan skis, producing only a limited number of skis. Constructed of premium ash, poplar, beech, and other select woods and the finest Swiss steel, the materials are carefully sourced to ensure only the highest of quality.

Olympic and World Cup alpine ski racers Bode Miller and Marc Girardelli are Global Brand Ambassadors. Both Bode and Marc ski exclusively on Bomber skis, while also providing valuable input for ski design and development.

“On Bomber skis, one can actually feel the passion of the craftsmen that build them, an experience that no machine-made ski can reproduce. I love the sport too much and ski too often to consider skiing on anything less than the best.” – Bode Miller, US Olympic Skier

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