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Breck Ironworks - Feel the Warmth

Simply gathering around a fire: it’s something that is missing in our modern world, yet it dates back to prehistory. It brings us together and removes distractions so that we are left to enjoy the company of one another. That’s powerful.

Creating these moments is the intention of Breck Ironworks, a business in Colorado Ski Country that crafts one-of-a-kind, heirloom-quality fire features with eco-friendly recycled steel. These tranquil gathering sites are custom-made for any outdoor space, for outdoor living year-round.

Owner Monty Whatley said demand for Breck Ironworks’ gas-powered fire features has been mostly residential but has grown to include more commercial clients, especially hotels and restaurants.

“Increasingly, our customers are looking for ways to relax, unwind and connect with each other. And they’re still spending a lot of time at home,” says Monty. “The glow of a fire just draws you in. People say their conversations seem deeper and stories seem funnier and it’s their entertainment for the evening, with no requirement except to be present and be in the moment.”

Here’s how Breck Ironworks is helping its customers achieve exactly that.

Rustic To Contemporary Designs

To create an outdoor oasis that’s an extension of your home and make your patio and backyard space as comfortable as your indoor space, Breck Ironworks can custom-build designs ranging from traditional, rustic log fire pits to more contemporary features for beach and resort environments, Whatley said.

Designed to withstand the harshest Rocky Mountain winters, these features can beautifully accent patios and yards, brighten and warm outdoor retreats, and creatively enhance any décor.

There are four standard fire pit models: the top-of-the-line Summit, the Treeline, Trailhead and Portable.

“We’ve evolved some of our designs to mirror mountain modern design trends,” he said. “The set still looks like logs, but the lines are going to be more angular to make the custom nature and artistic aesthetic of what we build look more contemporary.” In fact, the Breck Ironworks team of craftspeople and artisans can build any custom design, even from just a sketch on a napkin, Monty says.

Superior Heat, Maximum Comfort

For a fire feature that’s both functional and stylish, it all starts with the burner, Whatley said. For an outdoor fire feature that’s exposed to the elements, it’s important to get a feature that has a high-enough BTU rating to handle cold, snow, rain and wind.

Most Breck Ironworks clients want a BTU rating (the level of heat the fire feature puts out) of 150,000 to 300,000, Whatley said. “A 300,000 rating can generate temperatures up to 800 degrees,” he said.

A Portable Option For The Van Life…And More

The Portable fire pit model means it’s possible to take your fire with you to relaxing campsites, tailgating parties, river rafting trips and more. These 12-inch diameter fire pits have adjustable flame height and heat output and are even designed to hold a pot or pan for outdoor cooking. They look realistic, too, with textured logs, branches and pinecones.

“You can bring it along for an overnight trip and use it for ambiance and warmth, or use it as a cooking platform,” Whatley said. “We’re seeing people also buy them for smaller spaces, like a small deck at a townhome. They’re also really popular among van campers and RVers.”

Quality Craftsmanship Backed By Lifetime Warranty

Fire features made of materials such as ceramic logs or lava rocks typically start to deteriorate after about five years. They also don’t generate radiant heat like steel does. “The radiant heat produced from steel is going to be far superior to any other material we’ve found,” Whatley said. “We offer lifetime warranties on every feature that leaves our shop for residential or noncommercial use.” Breck Ironworks’ fire pits are a high-end product.

“We design our features to perform flawlessly, and we back that up with a lifetime warranty,” he said. “We don’t expect one to ever fail.”

Visit The Breck Ironworks Shop

Most customers buy their fire features online. However, Monty said the shop, located just a couple of miles north of downtown Breckenridge, welcomes visitors interested in seeing this custom steelwork first-hand. There are always various demo models on display, and the staff is happy to offer quick tours of the shop.

For more information, visit or call 970-759-3103, or see them at the Breck Ironworks shop at

184 Continental Ct., Breckenridge, Colorado.


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