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Capranea - A Testament To The Elegance Of The Mountains

A new vision in skiwear has emerged. This vision, born from the majesty of Switzerland’s snow-capped peaks, has been brought to life by Marc Haensli through his brand, Capranea.

Capranea stands as a testament to the elegance of the mountains. Haensli, inspired by the Alpine Spirit, has infused this essence into every aspect of his brand. The brand is an understanding of the beauty that only the mountains can bestow.

The journey of Capranea began with a simple yet ambitious goal: to elevate skiwear to unprecedented levels of performance and elegance. Haensli envisioned a line of ski and leisure wear that would break free from the clichés and compromises typical of traditional ski apparel. His goal was to create something refreshing, refined, and unafraid to explore the road less traveled.

Capranea’s collection is a symphony of innovation. It starts with the materials, each meticulously chosen for its unique properties. The design process blends style and substance, where aesthetics meet functionality in a seamless fusion. This approach allows skiers to experience the mountains without hindrance, offering enhanced performance through cutting-edge design.

One of the key elements of Capranea’s design philosophy is stretch. Recognizing the importance of movement in winter sports, the brand ensures that each product provides maximum functionality and comfort. The materials are lightweight and soft and incorporate a four-way stretch or a free-move cut. This design philosophy extends to every layer of the garment, from the outer materials to the insulation, inner lining, and down bags, ensuring freedom of movement in every turn and glide.

Protection is paramount in the harsh alpine environment. Capranea has addressed this need through premium insulations, including responsibly sourced 750-fill-power goose down, Primaloft Black, and Pinneco wool-blend padding. This thoughtful selection of materials ensures warmth and body temperature regulation, keeping skiers cool and comfortable even in the most intense conditions.

The Alpine Spirit is not just about the exhilaration of conquering peaks or the rush of speeding down slopes; it’s about a deeper connection with nature. It’s found in the stillness of snowfall on a quiet night, the vitality of drawing first lines at dawn, and the humbling power of mountainous landscapes. Capranea captures this spirit, offering a piece of the Alpine essence to elevate your life.


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