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Carbon Cat - New Carbon Fiber 5.3M F1 RIB

Dan Oatley, hailing from one of Australia’s most distinguished boating families, has today announced the launch of his new Carbon Cat 5.3m F1 RIB (rigid inflatable boat) in time for the coveted Hamilton Island Race Week.

We are very excited about the new design and high-speed RIB” Dan Oatley said. “We are working with the world’s most renowned designers and builders here in Australia to ensure an unparalleled experience for this new model.”

The Australian designed and built Carbon Cat is entering a new phase with the introduction of the new 5.3m Formula 1 model, which welcomes a new era to superyacht tenders. Constructed of 100% carbon fibre the 5.3m F1 is built with the best boat building materials to provide strength and durability.

Castlerock Carbon Cat was introduced to the market in 2018 described as the Ferrari of RIBs after much positive feedback from test drives and boat shows.

The name is referenced to an area in Sydney’s Middle Harbour called Castlerock.

Castlerock is in Dan’s opinion after sailing around the world for 14 years, the best stretch of water way for any boat lover. The Oatley family have been sailing out of Middle Harbour for many generations.

Working with world renowned McConaghy boat builders in Australia the new Carbon Cat F1 will be crafted with the best-in-class materials for ultimate performance to ensure advancements in every facet of the build. McConaghy’s paramount reputation is unrivalled globally. Where better to showcase than the family’s own island.

Over the last 12 months Castle Rock Carbon Cat have also worked with Gurit advanced composite engineering to develop a design that will support larger engine options and qualifies the brand to provide tenders for the superyacht market in Europe, USA and UAE. With fresh drawings from engineering mavens, Gurit the design has been advanced to give more horsepower and ensure the vessel is structurally stronger.

“Although this design is high performance along with the benefits that come with carbon fibre construction, we are conscious that our customers are also using these RIBs for recreational boating. As such we have partnered up with Fission Spearguns for our latest campaign, emphasizing their synergistic high performance, titanium and carbon fibre fabrication, as well as being built to order, much like the Carbon Cat.” - Dan Oatley

The 5.3m Carbon Cat comes with two steering options. Hydraulic tiller steer or an F1 style steering which features paddle shifters for engine trim and jacking plate control as well as foot throttle and push button gearing and ignition.

Due primarily to the hydrodynamic and aerodynamic features, this is a design that boasts offshore race performance of 80mph+ whilst incorporating the elements of a superyacht tender. The tunnel hull provides stability and speed whilst the interior layout an experience for comfort and pure luxury.

The Carbon Cat is capable of power up to 225hp which enables you to reach your destination quick and in style. An unparalleled experience.


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