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Casterline | Goodman Gallery - Aspen, Colorado

Casterline|Goodman Gallery will debut the artwork of contemporary Ghanaian painter, Seth Fiifi Afful, at their primary gallery this winter. This is the first time his colorful, powerful artwork will be exhibited in the United States. The exhibition will be open to the public February 1 - March 1, 2023.

Fiifi Afful, 32, from Accra, Ghana - is known for his unique and uniformly arranged patterns as used in both the background and subjects of his paintings. These patterns are intended to represent the unity among humanity. The green eyes of his human art figures symbolize the richness of the world when humanity is united.

“While we are all of different complexions, we are all basically of the same flesh,” says the artist. “Regardless of our individual physical body appearances, culture, race, religion, sex, and gender; we are all united as one by our DNA.”

Also continuing, and adding new work to, a popular exhibition, the gallery will showcase world-renowned photographer David Yarrow’s works featuring iconic locations in Aspen with notable subjects including Alessandra Ambrosio and actor Wes Studi. The original shoot’s theme combines a 1970s ski vibe-meets-Aspen glamour, and a new shoot, conducted in the historic Hotel Jerome in the late fall, stars renowned fashion model Cara Delevigne and actor Gerard Butler. These all-new works are an ode to the history of Aspen with recent inspiration from the Hollywood hit show, Yellowstone.

David Yarrow has and will continue to exclusively sell his photography with Casterline|Goodman Gallery, in the Aspen area, and select works are available now, with these newer pieces coming to the gallery in winter, 2023.

“David Yarrow has documented and photographed stories of the West for many years,” says Jordan Goodman, co-owner of Casterline|Goodman Gallery. “It is an honor to welcome him back to Aspen, capturing these dynamic and rich-in-history locations - such as the Hotel Jerome. His vision for this photo shoot pays homage to the history of the West, highlighting the raw beauty of Aspen - combining glamour and grit - which is so specific to Aspen.”

Additionally, the moving and colorful artwork of Alison Van Pelt, a primary artist at the gallery, will remain on display through the winter, including her Native American works and engaging hummingbird paintings.

Casterline|Goodman Gallery is a fine art gallery and art advisory office providing art consultation in primary and secondary markets. Founded in 2012, Casterline|Goodman has two locations in Aspen. The signature gallery is at 611 East Cooper Avenue and the expanded location featuring investment artwork is at The Little Nell (631 East Durant Avenue).

With a combined 30+ years in the business, Robert Casterline and Jordan Goodman assist clients in all aspects of building a fine art collection. Casterline|Goodman’s strong presence in the global art community and deep understanding of art market conditions, auctions, and private sales has enabled the placement of unique works in established private, corporate, and institutional collections internationally.

Open daily, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

611 E Cooper Ave, Aspen



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