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Chile’s Edificio Manquehue’s Multi-Use Luxury Complex of the Future

Estudio Larrain is a well-respected architectural design studio in Santiago, Chile. For more than 35 years, they have successfully stood out to both locals and foreigners with distinctive yet attractive architecture and interior design. They specialize in designing beautiful and unique hotels, hospitality, entertainment, mixed-use office, educational and residential spaces.

Multi award-winning design studio, Estudio Larrain recently clinched the honour of ‘Best Luxury Mixed Use Architecture for ‘Edificio Manquehue’ in Chile, 2021’ from the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Awards. This accolade sets them apart as a force to be reckoned with in the development sector, and a huge win for the Chilean company. There's a reason this team is so well-versed and experienced: they approach every project from the ground up. They study the field, the master plan, the design, the interior design, and the final decoration before delivering it to you. This process makes sure that each project is special, taking the best of each brand, place, and cultural context, and expertly crafts the design, making it one of a kind. That's why they work so diligently in giving every project their undivided attention. They don't take shortcuts. They don't stop until each project is flawless.

Edificio Manquehue, the winning multi-use lifestyle development, is located in Santiago, Chile, comprising 16 floors and 6 underground levels spanning just under 20 000m2. Smart design has made possible that the space accommodates apartments, offices, retail and incorporates public and neighbourhood integration. Stand-out features include its green building ethos, where environmental impact and sustainability were at the heart of the construct. This ensures less carbon emission, less natural resource consumption, and a more harmonious existence with the planet. Solar energy boosts the power supply, putting that hot Chilean sun to excellent use. Eco-friendly living in a business district has never been this convenient, thought-out and made possible until now.

Edificio Manquehue was envisioned to embrace urban diversity and hold space for large public capacity, with the objective to uplift and regenerate the local area. This building is capable of withstanding the most diverse programs in conditions of balance and temporality. The coexistence of both commercial and residential uses exists not only on each floor, but also in height, making the space where everyone can interact alive, not just onsite but throughout the local urban area.

The strategy for this project is to seamlessly interweave multiple-use areas in one building, currently consisting of offices, commerce and residential. It further features a large publicly accessible space, allowing for the free flow of people.

Noteworthy building features include:

• Class-A building.

• LEED certification.

• (AES GENER) - Renewable Energy Certificate

• 7 Schindler Elevators with Port system and restricted access to offices.

• Ceiling slab height is 2.65 meters.

• Chiller-based air conditioning.

• Closed TV circuit.

• State-of-the-art access control system.

• Centralized system for fire detection and extinction.

• Secure public parking for visitors and private parking for tenants.

• Attractive Commercial Plate.

• Open plan offices that are also subdivisible, making the space flexible to client needs.

Located just a few meters from Av. Apoquindo & Alonso de Cordoba, as well as the highway and other nearby metro stations, adds to its centrality. Business expansion and growth is supported by the developments cutting-edge technology installations, mobility and connectivity. This is an ideal structure to boost the local economy and uplift the lifestyle of workers, shoppers, urban dwellers and travellers coming into the Chilean city. It is of no surprise that the Luxury Lifestyle Awards recognised this outstanding project for its luxurious feel, design and achievement.

Visit their website to find out more about this development.


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