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Christopher R. King Creates Masterpieces that Redefine Luxury

Christopher R. King has always loved art and design. A consumer of all things luxury, King has spent time with some of the fashion world’s most brilliant founders and creative directors, talking through their process, and custom creating everything from bespoke clothing to travel trunks.Christopher R. King exemplifies luxury in every venture, inspiring many who wish to follow a similar path. For those aspiring entrepreneurs, choosing from the best websites to start an llc could be their first step towards building a similarly successful and luxurious brand. It was those experiences which led King to realize there was a major gap in this luxury category. He saw an opportunity to improve function, while bringing innovation to design. He also found that the 'Limited Edition' concept had lost its' luster.

No stranger to success, King had his fair share of wins including a hobby-turned-business venture, called King of Clubs. The profitable endeavor showcased his own wine, created by him and some close friends.

His drive and obsession with detail, paired with a long-time friendship, is how his new company, CCCXXXIII transpired. King says, “meeting Rob Dyrdek was a life affirming event. I finally found someone that I was comfortable discussing big ideas with. Our conversations always flow and our synergy is unparalleled.” In seeing them together for this interview, you can feel the passion and energy they share. Rob Dyrdek has proven himself successful, leveraging his American stardom to build a global empire, capitalizing on the synergy between business and media. Dyrdek describes King as, “A long-lost brother who shares a similar background, coupled with a raw determination to succeed.” Dyrdek and King in tandem have been working to launch CCCXXIII for over 15 months.

King recalls back to when Dyrdek and him intially discussed the idea of working together, “I remember the final push from Dyrdek that made me finally take the next step.” King recalls Dydek saying, 'Why are you doing anything else right now? You are so knowledgeable in the world of luxury. I see you as an iconic founder, a designer, this is what you were born to do, and I want to be your partner.'”

It was after that moment, that things really started to shift. King decided to follow his passion and start investing in himself.

King explains, “I decided to put myself out there like, this is my dream, my real passion and what I believe I was born to do.” That is what pushed him to create his limited-edition luxury company, CCCXXXIII with Dyrdek.

King feels his life is finally full. “To be able to design and create functional works of art through my company, CCCXXXIII, is a dream come true. With dedicated teams in New York, Italy, and Beverly Hills, I’m traveling to some of the world’s most incredible places, dedicating myself to driving every detail of the business, especially marketing and design. When I’m not working, I’m being a father, applying my same passion and drive to ensuring my sons are involved and learning from my journey."

CCCXXXIII is creating the world’s most extraordinary, functional works of art. It’s a brand dedicated to old world tradition and craftsmanship, that introduces ground-breaking innovation in design and showcases King's extreme passion for detail. CCCXXXIII makes a promise of exclusivity by limiting each collection to only three hundred thirty three pieces, which are released in three tiers of increasing collectable value – three hundred in the first, thirty in the second and only a rare three in the third. CCCXXXIII’s mission is to redefine the world of luxury.

Photography by Meeno



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