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Cocoon - How to Customize the 37.8M Moonen Martinique

Our clients often remark how Moonen yachts reflect the personalities of their owners, thanks to the high level of customisation. That’s certainly true for the recently launched COCOON, our 37.8m Moonen Martinique (124ft). Technical Director Nicky van Zon explains how we did it.


The owners spend a lot of time near the water and requested a 1.5 metre swim platform extension, bringing COCOON’s length overall to 37.8 metres. Although the steel hull had already been completed, Moonen accepted the challenge.

Nicky: “The platform had to extend the underbody, not just over the water, which would have created uncomfortable slamming. We prepared well, everything had to fit perfectly. It took us less than 2 weeks to complete the welding. If you didn’t know, you’d never think there was an extension.”


COCOON has a fully integrated hydraulic Z-lift swim platform at the owner’s request. The equipment is great for families who spend time on and near the water, particularly in combination with the lazarette storage for watersports toys and gear.

Nicky: “The Z-lift is a fairly complex piece of machinery with the moving parts, seawater, wave forces. When we install this equipment, we’re responsible. It has to be reliable because it’s a Moonen. We’re very careful to make sure our clients can trust it and it will work.”



The owners introduced Andreas Martin-Löf Arkitekter to design the fully customised Scandinavian interiors. COCOON is the first motor yacht project for the Swedish studio. They worked closely with our inhouse Moonen interior engineers and carpentry team.

Nicky: “COCOON shows that we are 100% capable of working together with an architect from outside yachting. It’s a learning process. We have the yacht knowledge so we communicate and cooperate. We learn from them, too.”


The owners developed the paint scheme with their designer. The hull and hard top are in dark grey anthracite, with black details on the superstructure and mast.

Nicky: “We love the paint scheme and it really shows the impact that our clients have on making their yacht one of a kind. COCOON looks totally different. The painters did a fantastic job, it’s really perfect.”


Despite the challenging requirements, COCOON’s construction (such as the installation of the sidepower) progressed precisely to plan. Moonen collaborated closely with the owner team from A2B Marine Projects with Christian Poorte as owner representative. At the christening, the result clearly made an impact as the owner remarked, “The yacht is above my expectations!”

Nicky: “We offer a high level of customization, but the core basics are still a Martinique. You don’t have to worry about the systems installation, pumps, electric al, it’s already proven and reliable. Our clients can focus on fun stuff like the interiors and deck areas.”


COCOON is the first of several new Moonen Martinique yachts currently in build.

If you’re looking for an exclusive Dutch yacht, customised to the absolute highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, we would be delighted to support you to achieve your vision.


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