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Compass Tenders - Perfectly Partnered Tenders with Superyacht Style

If you’re interested in superyachts, the chances are that you’re already familiar with some of the stylish superyacht tenders designed and built by Compass Tenders. Widely regarded as the leading name in custom tenders, their builds accompany some of the world’s most iconic superyachts, operated in locations all around the globe.

The operations of a tender are inextricably linked to that of the mothership. Whilst a tender must meet the usage requirements, strong emphasis is also placed in the aesthetic. The last 10 years have seen tender design become far more considered and refined, with mothership-matching limousine tenders becoming a more and more popular choice. This period has also seen tenders increase in size and, for utility craft and open tenders, serve a whole new set of operational needs.

Notable tenders in Compass’ extensive portfolio are a 10.9m limousine and 10.4m open tender for Oceanco’s 90m DreAMBoat, four custom tenders for Lurssen’s 123m Al Lusail – including two 11.2m limousines – and two 10m limousine tenders for the 110m Feadship, Anna.

Recent deliveries include an 11.6m chase boat for Feadship’s 99m Moonrise, a pair of matching tenders for the 68m Soaring (Abeking & Rasmussen) and a 12m limousine for the 68m superyacht support vessel, Wayfinder.

This duo of tenders for 90m DreAMBoat were delivered in 2020 and incorporate many styling characteristics from the mothership. The pair operate in perfect partnership, both in terms of looks and performance. Constructed in carbon composite using an epoxy resin system, this limousine tender will deliver a top speed of 40 knots thanks to her duo of Yanmar engines and twin stern drives, and has seating for 12 guests.

As Richard Faulkner, Founder of CEO of Compass Tenders, explains, custom limousine tenders have become mini superyachts in their own right, “Owners want to travel between the superyacht and the shore in luxury, in a tender appointed to the same superlative standards as their superyacht and often in complementary style.”

Faulkner goes on to explain how they go about this complicated process, “In the case of a limousine tender, we look particularly at the coachroof superstructure and apply styling accents to the shape, windows and colour, from the mothership. We’ll also introduce that style in the hull details, topside windows, and to the engine air intake grills.”

Compass Tenders often collaborate with the stylist of the mothership when it comes to the tender design, “It’s the most accurate way to ensure that design characteristics of the larger superyacht are appropriately echoed in the tender. The result is a completely unique vessel that, quite literally, operates in perfect partnership to mothership. When your superyacht is fully custom, why would you want an off-the-shelf tender? At Compass Tenders, we pride ourselves in our versatility and capability to fulfil an owner’s requirements,” advises Faulkner. “In some cases, it’s a small fleet of tenders required to match various requirements, but our approach is the same – create a united aesthetic whilst ensuring optimum performance and usability.”


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