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Coral House Maui - de Reus Architects

At its heart, this vacation house is about creating a sanctuary

where a multigenerational family can share experiences and

create memories. Overlooking Maui’s southern shore with

views to ocean, mountain landscapes and other nearby islands,

this home was designed to experience nature and support active


The home’s architecture is both contemporary and casual befitting

its coastal neighborhood, intended family use and a less is better

approach that results in minimalist aesthetic and restraint. A strong

connection with nature and livability drives the arrangement of

Coral House’s main gathering spaces. A covered lanai sits between

the pool and interior living, dining and kitchen spaces. Large pocket

doors open to merge the exterior and interior spaces. They allow

for an open plan with kitchen, dining and living areas integrated

into a single casual space that uses a unified language of material

finishes and detailing.

The home’s flat roofs are tiered for scale and designed with large eave

overhangs protecting the lanai spaces and interiors from sun and rain.

Second-story living spaces are set back from the ocean side of the home

due to development requirements, and a green roof provides these spaces

with an upper garden and ocean views. Photovoltaic solar panels on

the upper roof are hidden from view below. Exterior walls are designed

with durable materials such as coral stone walls, aluminum brise-soleil

screens providing shade and privacy from the street and side neighbors.

Sustainable strategies -- including large roof overhangs for shading,

green roofs, natural ventilation, metal-clad doors and windows for

durability, photovoltaic solar panels and battery storage, a well-insulated

building envelope, high-performance glazing, brise-soleil sun screens,

ceiling fans to augment natural ventilation, stormwater management,

daylighting, use of local Ohia hardwood, and energy efficient appliances –

resulted in LEED Silver certification.


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