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Cox London - Nature Within

Cox London is an unashamedly partisan London artelier that seeks to create a remarkable beauty in the world by unleashing the nature within every piece they create.

Founded by sculptor makers Chris and Nicola Cox in 2006, Cox London has forged an ability to divine natural forms of interior beauty. Sculptural furniture and lighting that stirs the nature within through form, finish, patina and palette. They have built a reputation for creating elemental and remarkable pieces of lighting furniture and artworks inspired by the flow and structure of natural design and order using artisan and craft skills both ancient and modern.

Their specialist artists, artisans and highly skilled makers hand-produce a unique and sculptural offering - creations that tread the fine line between art, design and craft.

“Nearly all the pieces involve more than one craft technique. The Dada Sofa for example, has lost wax cast legs as well as traditional upholstery. We cast bronze in the foundry as well as forging and fabricating iron and brass, among other things. It’s pretty unusual to be able to do all this on one site. We also do all the finishing, including the gilding.”

- Christopher Cox Co-Founder and

Creative Director of Cox London.

Cox London strives to create exceptional pieces that illuminate and animate the spaces they inhabit - and relish every opportunity to do so. Christopher Cox comments ‘when an object is well crafted, it’s a maker’s time and dedication we are celebrating. Author Malcolm Gladwell suggests in his book Outliers that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become a master of your chosen subject. Many of Cox London’s in-house makers are of this expert vintage. ‘

The Polydore Chandelier has taken over 1000 hours of painstaking work at Cox London’s workshop and involved the expertise of their team of artisans to hand forge and compose the branch-like iron supports and the deft skills of a jeweller to attach over 9000 hand-pulled Venetian glass leaves.

For those who commission, knowing more about the maker and process adds more layers of enjoyment. Shapes by Lolo and Cox London have collaborated on new grand scale chandeliers such as the Kissing Oak chandeliers, that embody their shared love of the mighty English oak and the ancient Olive that are woven into British and European history and have inspired innumerable historic artisans and craftspeople.

The oak’s irregular and imperfect growth patterns that continues to inspire. It is the atmosphere of these natural “meanderings” that Cox London aims to capture in every piece. Forging, twisting, soldering and coloring to create a unique metal work composition every time.


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